3 Major Airlines: We Won’t Force Vaccine On Our Employees With No Jab, No Job Policy

3 Major Airlines: We Won’t Force Vaccine On Our Employees With No Jab, No Job Policy


3 Major Airlines: We Won’t Force Vaccine On Our Employees With No Jab, No Job Policy Photo: A Delta Airlines jetliner waits for a Southwest jetliner to taxi pst on the way to a runway for take off from Denver International Airport as travelers deal with the spread of coronavirus March 20, 2020, in Denver. According to the World Health Organization, most people recover in about two to six weeks depending on the severity of the COVID-19 illness. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Three major airlines — Southwest, American and Delta — have chosen not to mandate vaccinations for their unvaccinated employees and that could be good news for United Airlines, which has a “no-jab, no-job” policy.

United recently became the first major airline to issue a vaccine mandate for its employees, who have to get vaccinated by Oct. 25, 2021 or face getting fired, CNN reported.

The CEOs of Southwest, American, Delta airlines have announced they will not follow suit.

“Wow. I’m Platinum on both @Delta & @AmericanAir. That loyalty ends immediately with their intentional endangerment of me and those that I love. Hey @united, #StatusMatch much?” tweeted Ace Robinson (he/él/il) @akeliah.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said in a memo obtained by CNN that while the company will “continue to strongly encourage” vaccination, it will not be changing its position on vaccine requirements.

“Obviously, I am very concerned about the latest Delta variant, and the effect on the health and safety of our employees and our operation, but nothing has changed,” Kelly said in the memo.

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According to Delta CEO Ed Bastian, 75 percent of the airline’s workforce is already vaccinated. Delta was the first airline to announce that all new hires would have to be vaccinated, The Hill reported.

Though it is not requiring vaccines, American Airlines is incentivizing workers by giving them one extra vacation day in 2022 if they get vaccinated by the end of August, CNN reported.

“We certainly encourage it everywhere we can encourage it for our customers and our employees, but we’re not putting mandates in place,” American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said in an interview.

Many Twitter users thought this was just wrong.

April Reign, creator of #OscarsSoWhite, tweeted, “Diamond Medallion here. Please require your employees to be vaccinated. For the safety of them and your passengers.”

“Dear @SouthwestAir@AmericanAir & @Delta that is really disappointing and I hate that you’re forcing m e to fly United” Cherylhe@cherylhe tweeted.

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