Fact Check: Did Kwame Brown Blame Breonna Taylor For Her Death, For Dating A Thug?

Fact Check: Did Kwame Brown Blame Breonna Taylor For Her Death, For Dating A Thug?


Fact Check: Did Kwame Brown Blame Breonna Taylor For Her Death, For Dating A Thug? Images: Twitter

Former NBA player Kwame Brown has been stirring up controversy lately. Amid a much-publicized social media beef with three other former ballers, comes word that Brown may have blamed Breonna Taylor for her own death because she once dated a “thug.” 

The Kentucky police said they were on the hunt for Taylor’s former boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, and/or his possessions, when they shot and killed Taylor in a botched raid on her home on March 13, 2020. Their no-knock warrant resulted in the death of the 26-year-old emergency room technician. 

Glover was later arrested on drug charges. By all accounts, he and Taylor were no longer in a relationship. Taylor was in a relationship with someone new, Kenneth Walker, who was in the apartment the night the police barged in and killed her. 

So what did Brown, 39, say on his popular YouTube channel about Taylor?

The former Washington Wizards guard “surprisingly blamed” Taylor and Walker for her death. Walker fired shots at the officers believing that they were attackers breaking into the house, Republic World reported. 

On Twitter, some defended Brown’s right to have an opinion.

“Kwame Brown is a Free Negro not beholden to the blue check industrial complex, that’s why he can say *what* he wants *how* he wants to say it,” tweeted Marcus ADOS @Marcus_S86.

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Big Husband@ThaSouth tweeted, “Well, you know where I stand on police so we dont even have to get into that…At the end of the day, my whole thing with Brown is him having a voice to speak and not be silenced. Im not necessarily an advocate of him!”

Brown’s comments about Taylor came days after his viral rants aimed at All The Smoke Podcast trio Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes. All ex-NBA stars, the trio had discussed Brown’s career with the Wizards and commented that playing with Michael Jordan had destroyed Brown’s confidence. They compared him to a “show pony.”

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