After Multiple Warnings, Biden Campaign And Brunch Democrats Shit Their Pants On Latino Vote

After Multiple Warnings, Biden Campaign And Brunch Democrats Shit Their Pants On Latino Vote

After Multiple Warnings, Biden Campaign And Brunch Democrats Shit Their Pants On Latino Vote. Photo by mccauleys-corner on Flickr

¿Qué pasó? This election, the Latino vote headed to Donald Trump. Why? Because it seems Joe Biden and the brunch Democrats overlooked the voting bloc. There was a “failure of strategy” on the part of the Biden campaign, conservative political commentator Lawrence Jones said.

Biden and the Democrats failed to win more Latino voters and the mainstream media attempted to claim it was because of “disinformation,” conservative political commentator Lawrence Jones told Fox.

Latinos turned out in lower numbers for Biden than they did for 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in several counties in Texas and Florida. Because of this, Latino voters have been credited with helping solidify Trump’s wins in those states.

Though Biden won the Latino vote two-to-one nationally in early exit polls, Trump improved his standing among Latino voters in at least two key swing states since 2016 — both Florida and Georgia — The Washington Post reported.

Jones predicted there would be a shift with the Hispanic vote in the 2020 presidential election.

“It’s not only because of the socialist policies, but it’s because they did not trust Joe Biden,” Jones said.

The Biden campaign didn’t target Latino voters for the most part, he said. “The Joe Biden camp did not hire as many Latino consultants. They looked at all Hispanic voters as the same. They did not invest into a ground game with the Hispanic vote in Florida,” he argued, noting that Biden’s ads didn’t differentiate between Cuban or Puerto Rican populations, Fox News reported.

“This was a failure of strategy. Typically, when that stuff happens, you go and reevaluate, but now they’re just saying it was just a lie,” he said. 

Still, Trump spent less than Biden on ads on Spanish-language TV — $3.1 million compared with Biden’s $4.2 million, according to Politico.

“There’s more we could have done on our side, there is more the Biden campaign should have done, as a party we are always so late to the game,” said Lorella Praeli, president of Community Change Action, a Washington-based progressive group that has been trying to mobilize Latino voters.

Another thing, Biden’s outreach started late. Biden’s Hispanic-outreach operation “did not really get rolling until the summer, when his lackluster fundraising operation turned around, and he hired Julie Chávez Rodríguez, granddaughter of the labor leader César Chávez, to oversee it,” The New York Times reported.

The exit polls might be a sign for the Dems to change their thinking toward Latino communities, Vox reported.

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Race also comes into play with Latino voters.

White Latinos don’t have the same issues as Afro-Latinos.

The “Latino” construct is a U.S. invention, according to Nikole Hannah-Jones, the New York Times Magazine writer whose work on the 1619 Project influenced progressive thinking about race.

It’s an invention that doesn’t reflect the actual racial dynamics in Latin America, she pointed out in a recent tweet. Take Cuba — a multiracial nation with a history of slavery, racism, and colorism. Many Cubans who migrated to the U.S. to flee Fidel Castro’s revolution are conservative-leaning. However, Afro-Latinos most likely would not be as conservative — and should not be treated in the same manner by campaigns.