Democrats Paid An Election Day Price Referring To American Blacks And Latinos As ‘People Of Color’

Democrats Paid An Election Day Price Referring To American Blacks And Latinos As ‘People Of Color’

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Democrats Paid An Election Day Price Referring To American Blacks And Latinos As ‘People Of Color’. Photo by DEVN on Unsplash

Democrats referring to Black Americans and Hispanic Americans as “people of color” was the dumbest and most racist activity of Election 2020. Who gave yall Democrats the right to impose a racial identity on another group of people who didn’t identify themselves as “people of color” and have openly rejected such an identification?

Black Americans have their own lineage, identity and heritage, and place in America dating back to Crispus Attucks being the first person to be shot and killed standing up to the British leading to the American Revolutionary war. How the hell in 2020, we got liberals and progressives referring to us with some new race label called BIPOC or person of color? Who are yall?

Hispanic Americans have their own lineage threads as well from shaping the Western American landscape (was already there before America) to Puerto Ricans and Cubans and Dominicans who have a well-entrenched Latino American culture for generations and nearly over a century here in America. Who shows up trying to call them “people of color” or don’t even include them in the BIPOC acronym? Who are these weird people that came up with this nonsense?

The Democrats then lump African-Americans and Latinos into a generic category called “Black and Brown” persona to target. Look, I remember back in Chicago getting on the Pulaski bus headed to 26th street. Once the bus passed 22nd street, that community was Mexicans who would get on the bus and even though the bus was Black and Brown, we had absolutely nothing in common except one thing — we were non-white.

At the bus station in Durham, North Carolina 1940. (Image: Delano, Jack, photographer/Library of Congress)

That’s really what the term “BIPOC” and “person of color” actually means — it’s basically a term for non-white. It is a racist term that was created in Jim Crow America where laws were passed to keep a white supremacist society from “race-mixing” with not only Blacks but Asians and other non-whites. In America as well as South Africa, Asians had to live in Black communities during Jim Crow. This “colored people” racist label traveled over to Europe and colonization of Africa and apartheid in South Africa and used there where they say “people of colour” with their British spelling.

Now that “colored person” term/phrase has come back here to America as a new phrase “people of color” forced upon non-white American groups like Blacks and Latinos and American Asians that been here for generations by liberals and the Democratic Party. New York Times and Viacom CBS News and one of their reporters Adriana Diaz has been liberally using this “person of color” phrase. I’m hearing fake woke Black women on Twitter like Tamika Mallory and Jemele Hill also liberally using this phrase “women of color” as well trying to lump and make Blacks and Latinos and Asians (non-whites) a generic identity group.

This “people of color” racist act, forcing a generic identity on a group of Latino Americans and Black Americans with a long history in America was offensive and the liberals were trying to act like they can call Black and Hispanic people whatever they want with impunity and without redress. And that showed up on Election Day.

The problem is Democrats did not see Puerto Ricans in Central Florida as Puerto Ricans and didn’t see Cubans in South Florida as Cubans — to the DNC, they were “people of color”

The problem is Democrats did not see Blacks in Pennsylvania or Blacks in Ohio as Black people — to the DNC, they were also “people of color” and this was a racist act of lumping these already established ethnic groups into a generic non-white category.

Listen to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin | Episode 73: Jamarlin Martin Jamarlin makes the case for why this is a multi-factor rebellion vs. just protests about George Floyd. He discusses the Democratic Party’s sneaky relationship with the police in cities and states under Dem control, and why Joe Biden is a cop and the Steve Jobs of mass incarceration.

Donald Trump and the Republicans were smarter than using a generic term like “people of color” — Donald Trump pandered to Venezuelans and Cubans about socialist dictators while pandering to Puerto Ricans about providing aid and relief to the island while pandering to Black men about Joe Biden and his Crime Bill legislation — Donald Trump did not pander to a made-up “people of color” group that resides inside a liberal mindset. As a result, Donald Trump got a lot of crossover votes from both Blacks and Latinos as a result, and Ohio and Florida went to Donald Trump and Democrats only garnered razor-thin margins from other states that could have gone blue.

There is going to be backlash and fallout as well as forming an investigation into who and why in the left/progressive/Democrats made up this fake “people of color” and “BIPOC” and people on the left are going to be held accountable for this act of racism just as vigorous as any racist on the Republican/right.

“People of color” do not vote and win elections — Black voters and Latino voters do. The Democrats failed miserably and lost votes due to this “people of color” left-based racism and we going to see to the bottom of this, trust that.

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