Black Artists And Entertainers Say They Are Joining Forces Against ‘Culture Vulture’ Practices Of Vlad TV

Black Artists And Entertainers Say They Are Joining Forces Against ‘Culture Vulture’ Practices Of Vlad TV

Black Artists And Entertainers Say They Are Joining Forces Against ‘Culture Vulture’ Practices Of Vlad TV Photo: YouTube screenshot of Vlad (left) with Godfrey on VladTV.

Culture vulture practices have been going on for centuries. The appropriation of Black art, lifestyle, fashion and culture has become even more routine in modern days. Many people want to act, speak, create and be like Black people and Black people do not benefit from it.

Black artists and entertainers are saying no more — and they are going after culture vultures such as DJ Vlad.

Comedian Godfrey C. Danchimah, Jr. posted a video on Twitter announcing that he and hip-hop artists Lord Jamar, Mysonne the General, and Royce Da 5‘9″ of Eminem’s camp have banded together to boycott the VladTV show. Godfrey said that DJ Vlad did not apologize for making “untrue and unfair statements” about Nation of Islam (NOI) Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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The issue began when VladTV CEO Vladislav “DJ Vlad” Lyubovny interviewed comedian DL Hughley on his VladTV show and discussed Farrakhan’s July Fourth World Address. When DJ Vlad apparently misconstrued Farrakhan’s words, the NOI and others like Godfrey called Vlad on it.

Vlad claimed that Farrakhan not only called Jews “Satan” during the speech but also encouraged people to throw rocks at them. Farrakhan actually encouraged people to pick up “the stone of truth” against “so-called” Jews who are not being “true” Jews.

“Even if you don’t like (Farrakhan), and as a Jewish man he feels that Farrakhan insults his people, fine. You can feel the way you want to feel. But lying on them does not work, that’s not cool,” Godfrey said, and demanded Vlad apologize to the Muslim leader.

“We need to stand on code and protect our culture. Just like Vlad decided not to apologize. He wants to protect his culture…So you all should unsubscribe to Vlad,” Godfrey said. “….I’m getting a little tired of being used monetarily and sexually.”

He added, “If Black people say anything bad about any culture, we have to apologize right away, just like Nick Cannon did. So I think that if you insult us, you should apologize to us. We are not animals. We are not some amusement f***ing ride that you can get on anytime you want to. Well, this ride is derailing. F**k that, and f**k Vlad for his decision. No hate. Just business.”

Some people on Twitter called out Godfrey for being a regular on Vlad TV.

“Boy bye. He wasn’t a culture vulture when he gave you a platform on his show. Have several seats Godfrey” shawn @cartiershawnnn tweeted.

Others agreed with Godfrey.

“I have a Lotta respect for this brother for standing up and speak the truth. We have every other group disrespect us exploit us and never apologize” Black diaspora Voice @BlackdiasporaV1I tweeted.

“Whether you like The Honorable Minister Farrakhan or not @vladtv lied and said that the minister said to throw rocks at Jews – you see how they do anybody misspeaks on the Jewish Community. But The minister never said that. Instead of apologizing like we do. He erased it” O.T.G @brotherOTG tweeted.

Vlad has long been accused of culture vulture practices. His show mainly features Black hip-hop celebrities, though he himself is of Ukrainian and Russian Jewish descent. He has more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube and has released mixtapes, produced films, conducted interviews, and profited heavily from covering Black artists. He has come under fire by many in the hip-hop community for appropriating Black culture.

Vlad has been caught being a culture vulture numerous times. Even the name of his company, “Hot In Here, Inc.,” was taken from a song by a Black artist — it comes from one of Nelly’s most popular songs. Vlad was sued by a Black female former employee who accused him of inappropriate racist and sexual comments.

Back in 2016, Vlad was called out for being a “disrespectful culture vulture” in an open letter written by Bankroll Fresh’s Uncle Marvin Shadi Powers. Vlad had interviewed No Plug, the childhood friend and fellow hip-hop artist of the late Bankroll Fresh. No Plug was never charged in the shooting death of Bankroll Fresh. During the interview, No Plug claimed it was an act of self-defense. This upset Powers, who claimed Vlad hadn’t reached out to Bankroll’s family for their side of the story.

Powers asked why Vlad was highlighting Black-on-Black violence on the same day that Black people were protesting police killings. He told him, “All you do is take from our community.”

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“No other man of another color or race should have that much power over the narrative of what happens in Black communities. Our stories, our lives and even our music and don’t even give back at all,” Powers wrote. “You’re really a pornographer that found a better hustle: ‘pimping Black culture’. I know you. I worked for you. You don’t give back to our community! How much of that 50K a month, do you donate to the Black community?”