Ghislaine Maxwell Is The Little Black Book In Human Form. Powerful Men Are Scared Of What She’ll Say

Ghislaine Maxwell Is The Little Black Book In Human Form. Powerful Men Are Scared Of What She’ll Say

Jeffrey Epstein blackmailed the powerful men who would visit and use his girls. Ghislaine Maxwell is his little black book in human form. Audrey Strauss, acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announces charges against Ghislaine Maxwell for her alleged role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein, July 2, 2020. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested last week for allegedly helping Jeffrey Epstein traffic underage girls, and she knows the names of men on Wall Street, in corporate America and in Washington, D.C. who had sex with the girls, some as young as 14.

Every room, every bed, every bathroom, shower and toilet in Epstein’s homes was rigged with cameras and audio, a survivor said in the recent Netflix documentary “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.” Epstein kept a secret room full of monitors and watched his guests in real time. He blackmailed the powerful men who would visit and use his girls, New York Post reported.

Epstein died in a New York jail cell in 2019 under suspicious circumstances while awaiting trial. The official explanation of his death was suicide. Maxwell was accused in a civil suit of allegedly helping Epstein traffic underage girls, sources told NBCNews4. She was arrested in New Hampshire last week.

Famous Epstein associates include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Prince Andrew The Duke of York, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, New York Daily News former owner Mort Zuckerman, and actor-director Woody Allen.

Maxwell was by a former girlfriend of Epstein’s and was seen by his side for decades.

Her favorite game was to put a young girl in front of a powerful older man and say, “How old do you think she is?” according to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s abuse survivors, the New York Post reported.

CEO Elon Musk said he doesn’t know Maxwell, but they were photographed together at an Oscars afterparty hosted by a Vanity Fair editor on March 2, 2014. It was a photobomb, Musk said. “Don’t know Ghislaine at all. She photobombed me once at a Vanity Fair party several years ago,” Musk tweeted. Maxwell “inserted herself behind him … without his knowledge,” a Musk spokesperson told Business Insider.

Numerous photos of Trump and Maxwell have circulated on social media.

“Eric Trump, who tweeted earlier about Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell, was literally himself on his dad’s private jet with her. FFS. You cannot make this stuff up,” Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan tweeted.

Prosecutors say Maxwell found girls for Epstein and lured them to him, helping him exploit them. She helped ‘normalize‘ the sexual abuse by her presence as a mature woman and by feigning interest in and friendship with the girls, Audrey Strauss, the acting U.S. attorney in Manhattan, said at a news conference, according to Bloomberg.

If Maxwell chooses not to fight the charges and agrees to cooperate, it could open up new lines of inquiry for the government. “Why are prosecutors from the public-corruption unit in the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office now assigned to the case?” Bloomberg asked. That suggests a public official may be under investigation, according to former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti.

In June, Attorney General William Barr asked Geoffrey Berman, the top federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, to step down. When he didn’t, President Donald Trump — who nominated Berman for the job in the first place — fired him. Berman oversaw multiple federal cases against Trump associates including sex trafficking charges against Epstein. On Thursday, Berman’s successor, Audrey Strauss, announced Maxwell’s arrest.

Maxwell was charged with grooming some of the young girls by befriending them and getting them accustomed to sex before the abuse began. 

“Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book is missing,” said Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano. “Guess what? The FBI just arrested the living version of that little black book.

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“Maxwell knows all about Epstein and who he was involved with and where he got his money from and for whom he was providing horrific illicit services of underaged women and she will be able to spill the beans on many people,”

The government will be willing to negotiate and be lenient on her, Napolitano predicted. “They want Prince Andrew, she’s the key to Prince Andrew. We don’t know who else they want in the U.S., but whoever it is, she knows about those people and now she’s in a position where it’s, ‘Negotiate, or face the rest of your life in jail.'”

Digital media entrepreneur Jamarlin Martin tweeted, “A guy like Trump, he’s already had his people talk to Maxwell, try to ‘get her mind right.’ Get their stories straight, potentially threats to family.”