Bill Cosby, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Tucker, Naomi Campbell: All Flew On Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane, Named In His ‘Black Book’

Bill Cosby, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Tucker, Naomi Campbell: All Flew On Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane, Named In His ‘Black Book’

Jeffrey Epstein is a registered sex offender and accused pedophile, but his wealth and influence caused many to enable his disturbing behavior for years, reported New York Magazine. His “little black book” reveals the depth to which his influence and high social standing went despite numerous accusations against him.

The book is said to include the names of more than 100 of Epstein’s victims as well as an exhaustive list of some of the world’s most elite people he entertained, flew on his private jet, funded, etc.

Jeffrey Epstein
Bill Cosby: Via The World Affairs Council and Girard College Malcolm Gladwell: photography by kris krüg Chris Tucker via Canadian Film Centre Naomi Campbell: by George Biard Jeffrey Epstein: Mugshot 2009

While it cannot be proven that all of the people named knew of Epstein’s alleged crimes, investigators believe some turned a blind eye to Epstein’s fetish for young girls.

Though former and current presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been tied to Epstein in mainstream media lately, Epstein’s connections reached far beyond the doors of the White House.

Notable names who Epstein lists in his book range from Bill Cosby, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Tucker and Naomi Campbell to Kevin Spacey, George Stephanopoulos, Steve Riggio and more, according to New York Magazine.

Many have distanced themselves from Epstein and/or said their encounters were limited to one-time meeting or dinners with the infamous financier.

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Epstein was recently put on suicide watch after being found injured in his cell, but for years Epstein has enjoyed a life of privilege and prosperity, including owning a private island in the Virgin Islands.

Celebrity, government official, or wealthy business owner, there are many who allegedly knew of Epstein’s behavior and did nothing to stop it. Therefore, they are complicit in his crimes. His current indictment and jailing should serve as a stark reminder that these days one’s wealth, power and influence won’t keep them from eventually facing the consequences of their actions.