Exclusive: Nation Of Islam Student Minister Elaborates On Farrakhan’s Upcoming July Fourth Address And ‘The Seriousness Of The Hour’

Exclusive: Nation Of Islam Student Minister Elaborates On Farrakhan’s Upcoming July Fourth Address And ‘The Seriousness Of The Hour’

NOI Student Minister Patrick Muhammad said Farrakhan’s speech should not be missed

Nation of Islam
Don’t miss Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan’s July Fourth address. It’s going to be one for the books, says Student Minister Patrick Muhammad, who leads the Muhammad Mosque No. 29 in Liberty City, which is the seventh region’s headquarters. Photo: Facebook

Nation Of Islam (NOI) leader, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, is set to deliver a worldwide address on July Fourth. According to NOI’s Seventh Regional Student Minister Patrick Muhammad, it is going to be one for the books.

“This message is so important because it is one for the president of the United States of America; it is one for those who rule this world financially and control America and the world; it is one for the Pope; it is one for the Muslim leaders; it is one for the Black community; it is one for the Native people and it is one for white people. This message is for everyone,” Muhammad told Moguldom in an exclusive interview.

Muhammad, 49, leads the Muhammad Mosque No. 29 in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood, which is the seventh region’s headquarters. A self-described “son of Haiti,” Muhammad was born in Brooklyn, New York, but was raised in the island nation of his ancestors until he was about 16.

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He said he’s been a member of the Nation of Islam for nearly 30 years, joining when he was 21 after hearing Farrakhan speak during a “Stop The Killing” tour in Los Angeles, California.

Inquisitive by nature, Muhammad served in various capacities in the Nation before coming under Farrakhan’s direct tutelage after becoming a Student Minister in Phoenix in 2001.

“I had the honor, and the privilege, and the blessing to be coached by the minister there for 10 years in the city,” Muhammad said, also proudly sharing his participation in a NOI delegation that traveled to Haiti in August 2011 – a year after the infamous 2010 earthquake devastated the island.

Min. Farrakhan, center, makes a heartfelt point during a meeting with Haitian community leaders Joseph Makhandal, left, and Patrick Muhammad, right. Photo: Hassan Muhammad via The Final Call

The delegation’s purpose was to oversee the installation of a water precipitation solar panel system that Farrakhan gifted Haiti for the benefit of the island’s Vodou, Christian and Muslim communities, Muhammad said.

“The Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan gave that gift there to the island because he wanted to see the unification of the various spiritual communities through the process of the need for water because we know water represents life,” Muhammad told Moguldom.

He moved to Miami the following year in 2012 with his wife Eiliyah, with whom he has six children and grandchildren. He became the leader of Mosque No. 29 in 2014, which covers Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico.

As a regional student Minister, Muhammad said he has invested in youth. He worked on prison reform, went on humanitarian missions, helped found the Justice Or Else movement in Miami and poured into others through pastoral, marriage and relationship counseling.

Muhammad lifted up his involvements not to brag, but to exemplify how significant the work of uplifting the global Black Community is to NOI. It’s why he said Farrakhan’s message is so critical as the world contends with unprecedented mass sickness and death due to covid-19, police brutality, ongoing racism, wide-ranging protests and a slew of other issues.

“Everything that is happening in America, that is happening in the world, was actually foretold in the teachings of the Nation Of Islam,” Muhammad said, referencing Elijah Muhammad’s best-selling book, “The Fall Of America” (1973). “If you read the book, you would think, ‘Did he just write this today?’ because it’s like a hand in the glove.”

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He also said Farrakhan’s book, “A Torchlight For America” (1993) gives guidance many people need today.

“The problem is that a lot of people heard, we all heard, we listened, but we did not do what we were supposed to do,” Muhammad said. “The solution to the plethora of problems that we are witnessing right now is something that we were told a long time ago to prepare for.”

Noting that the most abominable days are still ahead, Muhammad said Farrakhan’s message is entitled, “Criterion,” which means standard, and it will answer many people who question where God’s hand is in all the turmoil.

“Keep in mind despite what we’re seeing right now, in the fulfillment of scriptures, the worst is yet to come,” Muhammad said. “The minister said he was begging God for many weeks to have an answer as to what was going on and he told us in February that we would be watching America unveil itself; and we’re seeing that happening … so he said, ‘Now I’m ready to give a message to the world and make an announcement.’ And he pretty much said after that, ‘You don’t have to hear from me ever again.’ This will be divine guidance and we can mark it almost as the last warning.”

Farrakhan’s address will coincide with the Nation of Islam’s 90th anniversary, which Muhammad said was intentionally founded the day America celebrates independence to declare Black people’s independence from a country that has never truly been for them.

Citing Farrakhan’s nearly 65-year tenure as the leader of the Nation of Islam, Muhammad said the minister encouraged them to follow Isaiah 26:20 because God’s indignation is upon the world.

“The minister said, ‘God could say I have held my peace for a long, long time. I have given you many statutes and commandments and you’ve violated all of them, so let’s look at ourselves and ask are we in accordance with the creators will?” Muhammad said.

NOI leader Louis Farrakhan, left, shakes hands with Seventh Regional Student Minister Patrick Muhammad. Photo: Facebook.

He reiterated the significance of Farrakhan’s message.

Nation Of Islam: ‘The Seriousness Of The Hour’

“This is how serious this message is … I had the opportunity – and I’m honored and blessed – to speak with the Minister last Saturday on the phone … and I can tell you I have heard my minister for 27 years in the Nation of Islam and his voice and the seriousness of it and the tone, it is one that I’ve never heard before,” Muhammad said.

Minister Farrakhan will deliver his message at 11 a.m. EST on Saturday, July Fourth on noi.org. Streaming is free and Muhammad encourages everyone to use whatever device they have to tune in.

“I will have to bear witness and say, whoever is reading this or hearing this, you do not want to miss this. This is the seriousness of this hour,” Muhammad said.