Jas Waters Mentioned She Was Being Extorted Over Pictures And Videos Before Suicide

Jas Waters Mentioned She Was Being Extorted Over Pictures And Videos Before Suicide

Jas Waters
Before her suicide, Jas Waters said she was being extorted over personal pictures and videos. This and other tweets paint a daunting picture. Images: Twitter

If it seemed the news of Jas Waters’ suicide by hanging couldn’t get more devastating, it has. The talented writer’s tweets have been heavily examined after her death and they paint a daunting picture.  

Last September, Waters revealed she’d “fallen victim” to an “extortion plot” by someone with personal pictures and videos of hers.

“Unfortunately I’ve fallen victim to a really elaborate extortion plot that took advantage of a long standing real life friendship with a celeb in order to obtain personal pics & vids of me. It’s been devastating. Humiliating. Violating. And really really scary,” Waters tweeted.

She also publicly apologized via Twitter to her unidentified celebrity friend for not believing him when he said he wasn’t involved.

In the tweet thread, Waters revealed she’d been driven from her home in fear and she wouldn’t wish the experience on her worst enemy.

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Add to that the fact that Waters tweeted in April she was dealing with anxiety and depression that was “nearly debilitating” and the story gets even more tragic.

“I’m tired of sheltering in place with my anxiety. Most days is nearly debilitating,” Waters tweeted. “Hence, the cooking simply for the calm it brings. So if you’re struggling just to keep the fear of the unknown in check, know that you’re not alone. I’m with you.”

In early May, Waters reiterated via Twitter she was having “anxiety through the roof.” Prior to that in April, she encouraged her followers to empower the women in their lives.

“Empower us to expect to feel safe. Feel worthy. Feel seen. Feel heard. Feel valued. Reaffirm us from birth until our last breath. ALL of us …” Waters tweeted.

Though it may not have seemed as personal at the time, in hindsight it seems Waters – who was known for empowering others – badly needed it for herself. Hence her use of the inclusive pronoun “us.”

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Many who knew, loved and followed her blamed themselves for not noticing the signs and doing enough to help her.

Others, like Waters’ friend and artist Skrill Dilly responded that Waters had a “huge support system” and it was disrespectful to family and friends for people to speculate no one was there for her based on her tweets. He said Twitter didn’t paint the “full picture.”

In her last tweet, Waters wrote “Some sh*t just changes you.” For onlookers, she did seem to be crying out for help, despite having people like Skrill Dilly and others in her life. Unfortunately for all she inspired, depression can defeat even those who are beloved by many.

Once again, RIP to Jas Waters. May her legacy live on through the beautiful stories she told.