Reparations Movement #ADOS Launches Black Agenda Scorecard Rating Politicians

Reparations Movement #ADOS Launches Black Agenda Scorecard Rating Politicians

ADOS scorecard: With the array of presidential candidates, it is difficult to analyze which candidate might best meet the needs of the Black community.

#ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) is aiming to make it a little easier for Black voters to weed out candidates. With the array of candidates running for office, it is difficult to analyze which candidate might best meet the needs of the Black community especially when it comes to the issue of reparations. #ADOS has launched the Black Agenda Scorecard. The Scorecard will judge each of the presidential candidates on the 14 items on the ADOS Black Agenda. Each issue will be weighted equally.

So far, all of the candidates have received an “F,” failing grade.

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“If a candidate demonstrates on their campaign website that they are in full support of an item they are awarded 1 point. They are awarded 0 to 1/2 points if their campaign website does not show support or shows partial support,” according to the organization’s scorecard website.

The scorecard will also look at the language of the campaign and candidates. Do they use “throw-away” categories such as “minorities,” people of color,” ”underserved communities,” “inner-city residents,” “distressed communities,” and “disadvantaged communities.” If they do, this will be counted against the person.

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Here are the 14 items of the Black Agenda: set asides for American descendants of slavery; affirmative action streamlined as a government program only and specifically for ADOS, the program should be fully reinstituted; reinstating the protections of the Voting Rights Act; 15 percent of SBA loans be distributed to ADOS businesses; multibillion dollar infrastructure plan targeted to ADOS communities, including, but not limited to, the Black Belt, Flint, Michigan; financial compensated for ADOS areas that have been poisoned under the federal, local and state government’s watch (such as not only Flint, Michigan, but Denmark, South Carolina, and others); immediate assessment of the numbers of the #ADOS prison populations at the state & federal level with real prison reform in the form of investment into counseling, job training, and rehabilitation for ADOS incarcerated; that the federal government fully endow our remaining HBCUs in a dollar amount that meets the budgetary needs of each institution and that ADOS students who attend HBCUs receive a discount in the form of a 75 percent tax credit; that the government strictly limit the number of H1-B Visa workers tech companies that flow in each year; audit banks to see if there are patterns of racial discrimination in lending, and require these banks to extend loans to #ADOS businesses; mandate that the government’s advertising budget include Black media; #ADOS college debt forgiven in the same way losses were forgiven for the banks on Wall Street; a health care credit to pay for medical coverage for all #ADOS; and that H.R. 40 be fully rewritten to include reference to ADOS as the recipient group, cash payments, and additional supportive measures implemented.