Pro-Reparations Kofi Changamire Announces He’s Running For Office As An ADOS Candidate

Pro-Reparations Kofi Changamire Announces He’s Running For Office As An ADOS Candidate

Amefike Kofi Changamire is a Democrat running on an #ADOS platform in Baltimore. He is running for Baltimore City Council District 9. Photo: Facebook

On the ballot for Baltimore City Council District 9 in Baltimore, Maryland, there are various candidates running for a council seat. There is a youth activist running under the slogan #TogetherWeCan2020; an assistant professor of political science at Towson University who is currently occupying the seat; and a community leader promoting green spaces. Now, there is a Democrat running on an #ADOS platform: Amefike Kofi Changamire, who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Changamire is an avid supporter of #ADOS and often uses Twitter to voice his opinions. He sees current councilman Prof. John Bullock as his main opponent. As Changamire tweeted: “We came into this political game with 3 things. A love for our people, a willingness to deal roughly with the enemies of our people and an agenda blacker than the back of Forest Whitaker’s neck. We will take the kid gloves off in our joust with @docbullock very shortly.”

Changamire lists himself as an #ADOS candidate.

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American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) is a political movement that aims to advocate for people who are descendants of the enslaved Africans in America from its colonial period onward. Its focus is reparations for Native Black Americans. 

“#ADOS was started by the brain trust of Howard graduate and host of the Breaking Brown political show, Yvette Carnell, and UCLA alumnus and attorney, Antonio Moore who hosts the weekly radio show Tonetalks. ADOS—which stands for American Descendants of Slavery—seeks to reclaim/restore the critical national character of the African American identity and experience, one grounded in our group’s unique lineage, and which is central to our continuing struggle for social and economic justice in the United States,” according to the ADOD website.

ADOS’s goal is to repair the systematic financial and economic imbalance between white Americans and descendants of American slaves.

“Changamire felt that the ADOS perspective continues to be overlooked for other (non-Black based) issues. He specifically accuses the NAACP, a national association created to combat inequality issues— as aiding in this negligence,” Woke America reported.