6 Accomplishments Of The Growing #ADOS Reparations Movement In Black America

6 Accomplishments Of The Growing #ADOS Reparations Movement In Black America

#ADOS has a unique combination of the streets, Black religious tradition, social media, and a leading economist, Dr. Sandy Darity, to back its platform. Image by Leela Sanikop/The Moguldom Nation.

#ADOS: American Descendants of Slavery, has a unique combination of the streets, Black religious tradition, social media, and a leading economist — Dr. William “Sandy” Darity — to back its platform.

These are six accomplishments of the growing #ADOS reparations movement in Black America.


1.  Leadership consolidation

The reparations movement consolidated leadership with Yvette Carnell, attorney Antonio Moore, and Dr. William “Sandy” Darity. The leadership remained consistent in 2019.

Carnell earned a B.A. in political science from Howard University. She writes about politics, wealth and race. Before embarking on a career in news media, she served as a Congressional aide to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and former Rep. Marion Berry (D-AR). She is the founder of the weekly BreakingBrown political show.

Moore graduated from UCLA and Loyola Law School and is an attorney in Los Angeles. He hosts Tonetalks, a weekly Radio Show at Dash Radio. In recent years he worked as a producer on the Emmy-nominated documentary “Crack in the System”.

Dr. Darity is a Samuel DuBois Cook Professor at Duke University. While he’s not listed on the #ADOS founders’ page, he’s one of the movement’s biggest proponents. A wealth inequality expert, Darity is one of the leading economists in the U.S. and an expert on reparations.

2.  A transparent agenda

ADOS developed and published its Black agenda on resetting Black politics and published it for the world. You can read it here. It is important for organizations to have clear guidance and transparency on their demands and policy positions. ADOS does this.

The #ADOS movement demands set-asides for American descendants of slavery with a new designation on the Census for ADOS and another for Black immigrants.

ADOS demands atonement for slavery in the form of reparations, with H.R. 40 rewritten to include reference to ADOS as the recipient group for cash payments. The ADOS agenda refers to Darity’s assessment of reparations value in his paper, “The Economics of Reparations”.

ADOS demands hiring and employment data for all businesses receiving tax credits, incentives, and governmental support. 

ADOS demands reinstituting the protections of the Voting Rights Act, which were gutted by the Supreme Court.

3. ADOS held its inaugural conference

ADOS successfully launched its first conference franchise and unified the various chapters across the country in one setting. Although critics have claimed it is only a hashtag or Russian bots, ADOS trailblazers keep pushing to develop a modern institution to optimize Black politics for the future. The conference attracted heavyweight Dr. Cornel West and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

More than 2,000 people from around the country converged on Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the inaugural ADOS Conference. It took place Oct. 4-to-5, 2019 at Saint Stephen Baptist Church and Simmons College of Kentucky.

The Second Annual ADOS Conference is scheduled for Oct. 2-to-3 2020 in Louisville.


4. ADOS is growing

It has organically built chapters in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Louisville, Baltimore, and Atlanta. The members meet and discuss how to push Black America forward with better and more focused politics.


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5. Widespread narrative violation in Black culture

ADOS is highly responsible for increasing pressure on the Democratic Party spreading across a broader group than their membership numbers. Reparations have gone mainstream in America as evidenced by mainstream politicians having to answer hard questions on reparations. It has helped change the narrative in Black politics, possibly permanently. ADOS has elevated political optimization in Black America by closing ranks and having a hyper focus on Black America. Yes, we are deserving of focus and priority. When senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris and presidential candidate Deval Patrick can’t get any traction in Black support, part of this is the narrative violation being fertilized by the growing ADOS movement.


6. Running candidates on the ADOS platform and meeting with local politicians

In addition to hunting down elected representatives on video with a new style of political engagement, the movement is now running candidates with a reparations-focused platform such as Williamson. ADOS has also been meeting with elected officials and organizations to evangelize their new thesis on Black politics. ADOS has even started working with religious organizations such as the 3.5 million-member National Baptist Convention of America.