39 Black Women In Venture Capital Who Are Inspiring A New Generation Of Investors

Written by Staff
Black Women In Venture Capital
Arlan Hamilton

Black women drive culture, are early adopters and set trends, accounting for 14 percent of all U.S. women.

Yet the venture capital industry is largely exclusive of Black women. The industry is 70 percent white and 82 percent male.

Black representation in VC climbed slightly from 2 percent in 2016 to 3 percent in 2018. Black women made the difference in the 1 percent change — they were at 0 percent in 2016 — according to Richard Kerby, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Kerby analyzed the racial breakdown in VC in 2016 and did a 2018 update. He polled 1,500 venture capitalists and shared the data.

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Here’s a list of 39 Black women in venture capital who are blazing new trails, beating the odds, and making it look like magic. This list was compiled by Crunchbase.

Patience Marime-Ball, Washington, D.C.

Managing Director, Golden Seeds
Notable investments: BentoBox, BriteHub, CabinetM