9 Of The Top Black Tech Founders In 2019 With $2 Billion In Combined Aggregate Valuations

Written by Staff
Black tech founders
Diishan Imira is the founder and CEO of Mayvenn, Inc., a technology company that re-shapes how sale retail products are distributed. | Image: Anita Sanikop

Diishan Imira, Mayvenn

Diishan Imira‘s vision is to create the future of salon retail, empowering hairstylists and salon professionals to change the way people buy hair extensions. He founded Mayvenn in 2013, growing the platform into a national presence with more than 50,000 stylists, hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in investments. Mayvenn has raised $36 million in four funding rounds. Investors include Richelieu Dennis’ Essence Ventures, Cross Culture Ventures, Impact America Fund and 16z, the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm.

“Investors saw that we had traction and an ownable stake of a large, fragmented market that has been highly overlooked,” Imira said in a statement. “As founders, we’re not only passionate about our mission, but have very unique and complementary skill sets to go out and solve these problems.”

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