10 African Recruitment Tech Startups Worth Paying Attention To

10 African Recruitment Tech Startups Worth Paying Attention To

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There are a number of great African recruitment tech startups sprouting up all over the continent in an effort to simplify the recruitment process for all sides of the equation.

The great thing about startups is the fact that they often aim to solve a problem and provide solutions to challenges, and employment is one of those issues that needs tech involvement to find the best solutions.

Recruitment startups, such as the companies listed in this slideshow, aim to tackle that challenge through innovation and platforms that are built to appeal to job seekers and potential employers.

Here are 10 African recruitment tech startups worth paying attention to.

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Lynk helps to connect professionals with the people who need their services. Photo: comfix-engineering.com

Lynk – Country of origin: Kenya

Lynk Jobs provides a platform for people to find heavily vetted professionals working in various industries, ensuring that quality service providers can be found for every necessary task. The Kenyan startup now enables around 600 jobs per month across many industries. Lynk was chosen for the World Bank’s XL Africa business acceleration initiative.

Duma Works – Country of origin: Kenya

Duma Works is a Kenyan online and text message-based recruitment startup which created a platform for agricultural firms and rural farmers in the country to connect with prospective qualified employees. The mobile app targets Kenya’s fast growing agribusiness sectors which account for more than 60 percent of jobs in the country of about 45 million people and contribute about over 20 percent of the largest East African economy.

Kalejob – Country of origin: Cote D’Ivoire

Mobile app Kalejob provides a platform that connects young and unemployed Ivorians with available job opportunities. A profile is completed so that once a job becomes available that interests a particular person or involves a skill that they possess, that person is notified via text message.

Leaply – Country of origin: South Africa

Leaply is a South African artificial intelligence-enabled software-as-a-service recruitment platform used by businesses to source, screen and select the best graduates efficiently and cost-effectively, enabling companies to find the perfect fit for their available positions. Leaply has expanded successfully into 15 African countries through its corporate partners and is now focused on Europe as its next market

DropQue is an AI recruitment startup. Photo - DropQue
DropQue is an AI recruitment startup. Photo – DropQue

DropQue – Country of origin: Nigeria

Artificial intelligence recruitment platform DropQue is a cost-effective and efficient means of recruiting talent for various positions, enabling the user to interview candidates remotely through video interviews. The startup was chosen to take part in the Seedstars Lagos competition last year.

Egyptian developers take part in the Facebook Developer Challenge. Photo - American University of Cairo
African developers can be found via eWorker. Photo – American University of Cairo

eWorker – Country of origin: Nigeria

eWorker is a Nigerian platform that has been designed to help businesses and individuals find the best developers from around Africa. The startup works to vet each developer in order to provide a pool of excellent developers with a track record, and was part of Seedstars Lagos as a result of its popularity. 

Africa accelerator
Similar to tech startup Andela, SKILLAKE aims to connect IT professionals with international companies who need their skills. (Photo: LIONS@FRICA)

SKILLAKE – Country of origin: Senegal

SKILLAKE is a Senegalese online marketplace which is designed to help American and European companies find qualified IT professionals in Africa, matching the searching companies with the ideal IT professional on the ground in Africa. The marketplace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence processes to analyze resumes and validate skills.

Andela – Country of origin: Nigeria

Andela is a startup that trains and outsources African engineers and coders to work for global firms. It recently secured a $40 million Series C round of funding to continue the company’s expansion. With offices in Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda, and New York City, Andela tries to recruit Africa’s best software developers.

Giraffe – Country of origin: South Africa

South African recruitment platform Giraffe leverages mobile technology and proprietary matching algorithms to allow companies to recruit quality, medium-skilled staff, faster and more affordably than other methods. The platform services both the business aspect and the side of job seekers, giving those looking for jobs access to many opportunities at no cost to them.

FundoLinker – Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean startup FundoLinker is a student support platform through which schools, companies, skilled people and donors are able to work together in order to provide career guidance, financial help, information and jobs to students through the building of skills.