10 Disruptive South African Startups Selected For The Ignite Legal Incubation Program

10 Disruptive South African Startups Selected For The Ignite Legal Incubation Program

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Law firm Webber Wentzel has selected 10 innovative startups to take part in their Ignite Legal Incubation Program, which was officially launched last year.

The startups chosen to take part in the program receive tailored legal services, along with mentoring and training support, targeted networking and opportunities from the law firm which assist in raising their profile and providing them with invaluable exposure.

Startups require the services of law firms for various reasons during their business journey, and this program serves to assist the selected companies while providing the law firm with access to disruptive innovation.

Webber Wentzel assisted South African startup GetSmarter during their groundbreaking transaction with 2U. In the biggest South African tech startup investment of the year, Cape Town-based edtech startup GetSmarter was acquired by U.S. firm 2U in a deal worth $103 million, with the agreement potentially including an earn-out provision of up to $20 million in cash.

Here are 10 disruptive South African startups selected for the Ignite Legal Incubation Program.

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HouseME is a digital platform that not only connects dream tenants to great landlords, but also facilitates a mutually beneficial relationship between them – resulting in fair prices, support, transparency and reduced risk for both parties.

SkillUp Tutors

SkillUp Tutors provides a bespoke online education platform that connects students, tutors and workshop providers using a unique pricing model, allowing students to locate reliable, vetted and skilled tutors based on their particular needs. In the past year, SkillUp has managed to grow its company tenfold.


Click2Sure is one of the world’s first full-stack digital and cloud-based insurance platforms, which integrates with e-commerce retailers, service providers and other distributors to offer tailor-made insurance products at the point of sale. In 2017 the startup was selected as one of 10 global companies to demonstrate its offering in Las Vegas.


Leaply is an artificial intelligence-enabled software-as-a-service recruitment platform used by businesses to source, screen and select the best graduates efficiently and cost-effectively, enabling companies to find the perfect fit for their available positions. Leaply has expanded successfully into 15 African countries through its corporate partners and is now focused on Europe as its next intended market.

Sensor Networks

Sensor Networks helps insurance companies to predict and reduce risk through the use and application of smart internet of things sensors in four key areas including theft, blown geysers, water leakage (commercial) & car crashes.


Quicket is a fast-growing online self-managed ticketing platform that services both businesses and consumers. Quicket has helped over 5,000 event organisers across 10 countries run nearly 40,000 events. Quicket became the first truly pan-African self-managed ticketing solution when it set up a Ugandan branch with payment processing in the East African region.

Pattern Matched Technologies

Pattern Matched Technologies is a leading wireless application service provider and fintech company that specialises in the intersection between the financial, telecommunications and commercial sectors and provides a range of innovative products to its clients.


DataProphet makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop solutions to optimize businesses operating in a range of industries. Data Prophet has plans to grow its global presence, with moves into the U.S. and European markets.


Electrum offers leading cloud-based enterprise payments software to accept payments, process financial transactions and provide value-added services. Electrum also provides bitcoin wallet technology, enabling retailers to accept the cryptocurrency. The company currently processes more than a billion transactions for 20 million South Africans every year.


BrandsEye is an opinion mining company that makes use of a proprietary mix of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to analyze online conversations for sentiment and the topics driving that sentiment. They provide accurate opinion data to governments and businesses around the world.