12 African Startups Making Pitches For $50K Funding From U.S. Venture Capital Fund

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

U.S.-based venture capital fund Village Capital recently announced the full cohort of fintech startups from Africa that will take part in the Village Capital Fintech Africa 2018 program.

Their venture development program will see the 12 early-stage African fintech startups, which are focused on improving financial health, work through a specific curriculum over a three-month period, in collaboration with PayPal.

The startups, which have been chosen from Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria, will have the opportunity to  engage with potential customers, strategic partners, mentors, investors, sector experts, and PayPal employees.

The program targets firms that address challenges within insurtech, pensions and savings, cooperative finance, and financial literacy; as well as leveraging data for credit scoring and consumer insights.

The startups will go through a readiness program from March to May, participating in three four-day workshops before their chance to boost investment in their ideas, with the top two entrepreneurs in the program, as selected by their peers, receiving $50,000 each from Village Capital.

Here are the 12 African startups which are taking part in the Village Capital Fintech Africa 2018 program.

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