10 Tech Startups That Are Changing Cote D’Ivoire’s Economy

10 Tech Startups That Are Changing Cote D’Ivoire’s Economy

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Cote D’Ivoire’s economy has been one of Africa’s success stories of the past few years, with impressive growth seen while many other parts of Africa have struggled to reach similar growth targets.

Tech startups and the tech scene in general has played an important part in the Ivorian economic growth that has attracted investment, and there continue to be new and impressive startups emerging in the sector with aspirations to go global and contribute to the country’s economy.

Here are 10 tech startups that are changing Cote D’Ivoire’s economy.

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Coliba uses technology to encourage and reward recycling, thereby reducing plastic waste in Cote D’Ivoire. Plastic bottles are collected and Coliba gives individuals and businesses points in exchange, with these points then converted into vouchers that can be used for food, school supplies or beauty products.


Investiv makes use of drones, another popular tech trend at the moment, to take aerial images of crop fields in order to determine and analyze data before simulating and forecasting harvest as a means for diagnosing farms affected by disease. These farms can then receive a treatment plan.


Mobile app Kalejob provides a platform that connects young and unemployed Ivorians with available job opportunities. A profile is completed so that once a job becomes available that interests a particular person or involves a skill that they possess, that person is notified via text message.


The Ivorian edition of the Seedstars startup competition was won by fintech firm Cinetpay. Emerging as the winner in Abidjan out of eight promising startups, Cinetpay has developed a mobile money payment gateway that allows online and offline merchants to accept mobile money and card payments.


Afrodict is the country’s first online booking platform designed specifically for use in the beauty industry. Users can use the platform to book various services such as beauty treatments, makeup trials and hair appointments.


Kamtar is a an Ivorian startup that enables users to book commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans via mobile or online. The company itself does not own any vehicles, but works with logistics and truck owners to fulfil bookings, providing value added services such as vehicle tracking and insurance.


Removing the hassle from queuing for a bus ticket, mTick has developed an online booking platform that provides users with the ability to book inter-city bus tickets. Schedules are available online, and prices can be compared before a mobile payment method is used and the ticket received via email or text message.


Solarpak pioneered a backpack solar solution that provides users with access to power through solar energy. The bag features a solar panel and battery that recharges throughout the daylight hours. The bag includes a LED lamp which can be powered by the solar energy, allowing students to do their work at night thanks to the light source.

Wefly Agri

Another tech startup contributing to Cote D’Ivoire’s economy in its own meaningful way is Wefly Agri, a company that uses drones to allow farmers to watch over their land without needing to physically move throughout the property. The startup provides a few services to farmers through the drone technology.

XTech Cloud

XTech Cloud is a company in Cote D’Ivoire that provides services and solutions for businesses that need assistance with regards to managing online processes such as fleet management, ERP, connected objects management and notifications management. The company has already signed a massive contract with mobile operator Orange.