10 Tech Startup Finalists In The Seedstars Harare Competition

10 Tech Startup Finalists In The Seedstars Harare Competition

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The Seedstars Harare Competition served as the Zimbabwean leg of the global early-stage startups competition for emerging markets took place at the end of October, with 10 of the best startups vying to be the representative from Zimbabwe for the global final event next year.

Seedstars World, which describes itself as the world’s biggest startup competition in emerging markets, holds these events in over 65 countries before winners are selected to take part in a grand final.

The winner of the Seedstars Harare Competition will now join other Seedstars country-winners at the final event in Switzerland during April next year, where it will deliver a pitch that could potentially earn the company up to $1 million in equity investments and prizes.

Here are the 10 tech startup finalists that were in consideration for the Seedstars Harare Competition.

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financial inclusion Africa South Africa
Students can use the Commonground app to share project information. Photo: phys.org


This is a peer-networking mobile application called Commonground that allows university students to share projects, ideas, and opportunities for the benefit of all involved, advancing learning and building a sense of student community.

With Badala businesses can provide a payment gateway for customers. Image: itwebafrica


Fintech startups continue to dominate many of the Seedstars regional competitions across Africa, and that remained the case in Zimbabwe. Badala is a payment gateway that facilitates payments through a digital wallet, making it easier for a business’ customers to complete transactions and pay for goods and services.

This platform gives users access to African stock markets. Image: businessnews.com.ng

Equities Nest.org

Equities Nest.org is an investment platform investors can use to navigate African stockmarkets. The startup came third in the Seedstars Harare competition. The platform aims to allow users access to stockmarkets across the continent through a few clicks online, spreading awareness of stock investments and assisting in wealth creation.

FundoLinker provides support for students looking to through connection to schools and corporates. Photo: Africanamerica.org


FundoLinker is a student support platform through which schools, companies, skilled people and donors are able to work together in order to provide career guidance, financial help, information and jobs to students through the building of skills.

JMP Africa enables green construction initiatives. Photo: Hewlett-Packard

JMP Africa

JMP Africa is an energy startup specializing in distributed energy through on-site generation solutions. What this means is that the Zimbabwean tech startup aims to create value for the private and public sector through sustainable power generation, waste processing and green construction initiatives.

Munch is a Zimbabwean online app that allows users to have food delivered to them. Photo - Munch
Munch is a Zimbabwean online app that allows users to have food delivered to them. Photo – Munch


Another popular trend in tech startups across the globe that have appeared through many Seedstars competitions in Africa is food delivery, and Munch is the Zimbabwean version of this. The online food delivery mobile app emerged as the second-placed startup in the Harare contest, allowing users to find restaurants near to their location and have food delivered to them after transacting through the app.

myRunner was the winning tech startup at the Seedstars Harare Competition. Photo - Twitter
myRunner was the winning tech startup at the Seedstars Harare Competition. Photo – Twitter


The winner of the Seedstars Harare competition, myRunner is an online bus ticket booking platform and app that gives users useful functionality. The startup offers bus reviews, bookings and even live tracking of where each bus is in the system. myRunner will travel to Switzerland next year as Zimbabwe’s representatives at the Seedstars World competition.

Female Tech Founders
Promoplus, the cloud-based messaging platform can be accessed remotely. (Photo: blog.ethelcofie.com)


Promoplus, a cloud-based messaging platform built by Shirishanu, is the first text and social media platform in Zimbabwe that is fully cloud-based. The system is cheaper than the current text polling and campaign systems available in Zimbabwe, and it is easy to set up, improving upon available systems which require extensive resources to install and are not remotely accessible.

4G Mobile
Tipster turns any smartphone user into an amateur journalist. (Photo: Africa Research Online)


Tipster aims to be a news-sharing platform that looks to empower anyone with access to a smartphone, turning that person into an amateur journalist. In the words of the company, Tipster is democratising the news making process by placing the power of the media into the hands of the ordinary person.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but the Plan My Wedding platform aims to help. Photo: Celebfresh.co.uk

Plan My Wedding

Plan My Wedding is a dedicated platform that allows couples to plan and manage their wedding, with functionality that assists those planning a wedding to take care of all elements of the day’s festivities, from logistics to invitations, with costs calculated and displayed on the platform for ease of budgeting.