10 Of The 20 Startups Selected For The World Bank’s XL Africa Accelerator

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

The World Bank Group is committed to supporting the growth of Africa’s digital economy through XL Africa, a business acceleration initiative that is providing a raft of benefits for the 20 most promising startups in sub-Saharan Africa.

These African digital entrepreneurs have an opportunity to be mentored by various global specialists, increase their visibility on the continent and receive access to corporate partners and investors.

These three key benefits of the program alone would address crucial issues faced by African startups on a daily basis, with lack of progress in terms of mentoring, marketing and access to funding often stalling or stifling African entrepreneurial growth in the digital sector.

The World Bank expects XL Africa to help 20 startups attract investments of $250,000 to $1.5 million from African investment firms, with the Scandinavian governments of Finland, Sweden and Norway helping to fund the World Bank’s business acceleration initiative to boost African startups.

Here are 10 of the 20 African startups which have been selected for the World Bank’s XL Africa accelerator.

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