10 African Countries With The Most Active Facebook Users

10 African Countries With The Most Active Facebook Users

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Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years, and the number of active Facebook users in Africa is a testament to the fact that the continent is also part of the social media trend.

With Facebook being the most popular of the social media networks, and the proliferation of mobile throughout Africa providing the ideal breeding ground, the combination of factors has led to a growing user-base for the company.

Africa is home to around 330 million internet users, and around 44 percent of those are active on Facebook.

With that in mind, here are the 10 African countries with the most active Facebook users.

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Social media was instrumental in organizing certain protests in Libya. Image: ndtv.com


Sneaking into the top 10 nations in terms of active Facebook users in Africa, 2.4 million Libyans make use of the world’s most popular social media network, posting updates and connecting with fellow users across the globe.

Facebook has become a must-have app on Ghanaian devices. Photo: Wikipedia.org


Many Ghanaians originally viewed Twitter as elitist, but they have since embraced the platform. Before they did, however, Facebook was given room to grow and become popular throughout the West African country, with 2.9 million Ghanaians now active as users.

The Facebook app on mobile has spread the popularity of the social network throughout Africa, with Angolans embracing Facebook. (Photo: Facebook)


Angolan internet users are around the six million mark, with more than half of those being active Facebook users, as recent numbers suggest that the world’s most popular social media platform has an estimate of 3.3 million Facebook users in Angola.

Ethiopian activist Yonatan Tesfaye was charged for posting against the government on Facebook. Photo: Durame
Ethiopian activist Yonatan Tesfaye was charged for posting against the government on Facebook. Photo: Durame


Despite being the second most populous nation in Africa, with just over 102 million people calling Ethiopia home, the country only has 3.7 million Facebook users. Not many considering the population, but still enough to be seventh on the continent.

active Facebook users
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visits Kenya. Photo: Naij.com


Kenya is a nation in which mobile has been embraced by the people, and as a result, social media has gone hand in hand. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has even visited the country, which boasts around five million active users.

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A third of Moroccans are on Facebook. Photo: Getty


An estimated 10 million Moroccans use Facebook on a weekly or monthly basis, meaning that a third of the country and half of total internet users in the North African nation are connected via the social media site.

South Africans spend many hours on the internet, with some of that time dedicated to social media. Photo: linkedin.com

South Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa’s second largest contingent of active Facebook users can be found in South Africa, with recent estimates from the company suggesting that around 14 million South Africans use the social media site on a frequent basis.

dignited.com mark zuckerberg, Facebook_fb_mission_communike-com
Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook platform is popular in North Africa. Photo: dignited.com


Another of the North African countries where Facebook commands a substantial user-base is in Algeria, where estimates suggest that 15 million people make use of the site and mobile app to connect with friends and family.

Facebook fiber optic cables Uganda
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg runs across the Ikoyi Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, with the Lagos Road Warriors running club. Photo: Fin24


Facebook said it has 7.2 million daily users from Nigeria with 97% of them accessing the platform via mobile, but in total the active Facebook users in the West African country amount to around 16 million people, making it the country with the most active users in sub-Saharan Africa.

Facebook users in Egypt appreciate the platform. Photo: Thinkstock


Top spot on this list belongs to Egypt, with most of the North African nation’s almost 30 million internet users signed up and actively using Facebook. Around 27 million active Facebook users are attributed to Egypt, ranking it 20th in the world in terms of the social media giant.