How A Huge Helium Find In Tanzania Is Going To Be A Global Game Changer

Written by Julia Austin

British researchers from Oxford and Durham universities say a major helium reserve in Tanzania in June, 2016, marks the first time the precious gas has ever been found intentionally. Usually, it’s discovered accidentally. Researchers worked with Norway-based exploration company Helium One. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe but it’s very rare on Earth. Most natural gas contains traces of it, but it’s unusual to find it in concentrations that are commercially viable to extract, capture, and store. Considering the world’s helium shortage, this discovery has all eyes on Tanzania. Helium is essential in treating breathing conditions like asthma; it’s a critical element for welding companies, and it even plays a role in bar code reading. It’s used in spacecraft, MRI scanners, and to produce nuclear energy. Here are some ways this helium find helium is going to make Tanzania rich.

Source:,, WSJ, Guardian.