5 Reasons Fintech In Africa Is Different From The Rest Of The World

Written by Staff

Fintech in Africa, as elsewhere in the world, is big business. Investment is flooding into startups providing innovative ways of offering financial services.

Wim van der Beek, Founder and Managing Partner of Goodwell Investments (Photo courtesy)

Startups in the fintech space took on almost 30 per cent of the total funding raised by African tech businesses in 2015. Globally, growth in the sector is huge, with US$19.1 billion invested globally last year, a 106 per cent jump from 2014.

But the fintech space in Africa is different to that in developed economies, with a whole raft of opportunities presented by unique factors that are not found elsewhere in the world, says Wim van der Beek, founding partner at Goodwell Investments.

This list was first published by CNBC Africa