12 Things You Didn’t Know About Former Chadian Dictator, Hissène Habré

Written by Keren Mikva

Hissène Habré, the former president of Chad, was convicted in May 2016 of crimes against humanity by the Extraordinary African Chambers court in a nearly yearlong trial that began July 2015. The 73-year-old was sentenced to life in prison, and is expected to serve his sentence in Senegal, where he fled after being deposed in 1990. He is the first former head of state to be convicted for human rights abuses in the court of another country. He was found guilty of crimes committed more than 20 years ago including torture, rape, sexual slavery and ordering the death of 40,000 people. The verdict is considered a great victory for his victims. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré.

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