Which Cheap Cryptocurrency Should I Invest In?

Which Cheap Cryptocurrency Should I Invest In?

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Admir Tulic, Crypto Educator and Senior Writer at Captainaltcoin.com

Answered Saturday

That’s not a smart way to invest. Everyone just shills what they invested in, the bag they’re holding. You need to do research and find out with technological hurdles there are with Bitcoin and which coin(s) solve real, structural problems.

But, since shilling is popular these days, let’s shill. You can divide all the coins in couple of tiers.

Top tier

ETH – When In doubt invest in ETH. Nobody and nobody and I mean nobody would ever tell you it was a bad decision investing in ETH.

Stratis – Direct competitor to ETH with side chains, focused on business application of blockchain.

NEM– Sleeping giant. I never hear or read anything bad about NEM.

Tier 2

Sia – Lots of potential, again as said above, no PR or marketing and still potential Top 10 coin. Drawback is a huge total supply.

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Factom – A solid coin with a relatively low market cap and has received grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ron Reiter, Director at Oracle

Answered Nov. 1

I would say Bitcoin is undervalued right now. A lot of people want to buy it and have not yet bought it, more than other currencies. The more you’re a techie, the easier it is for you to buy alt coins. However, the non-techies have heard of Bitcoin and want it, and did not yet buy them.

Cheap is a confusing word. You might refer to a single coin, e.g. 1 Bitcoin. But a single unit is meaningless.  What matters is the market cap in USD for a digital cryptocurrency, not the value of a single coin. A single coin is literally defined by where the developers chose to put the dot in the fraction. The right measurement for coins is which fraction of the total supply you are buying.

Katerina Gemskaya, lives in Minsk, Belarus

Answered Saturday

I’ve found for you an awesome upcoming ICO (Nov, 21) with a huge potential. I am talking about MeetnGreetMe (in case you don’t know it is a peer-to-peer platform focused on delivering concierge services all over the world). On their landing page you can find all the information and whitepaper + terms of bounty program as well.

They are introducing new cryptocurrency – WelcomeCoins (WELs) and 1 WEL = 0.10 USD or 1 WEL = 0,0004 ETH. Quite cheap.

Devin Milsom, Blockchain Enthusiast

 Answered Thursday

Neo ($28) has been around a lot longer than most people think. Neo was formally called Antshares and is often referred to as China’s Ethereum.

The Asian market represents around 30 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market. When China announced that it was banning all crypto exchanges, the price of BTC (and therefore the market) dropped from around $4,600 to $3,200. It is clear that China has a large influence on price in the crypto world and this is important to take into account. The main reason I invest in Neo is because the founder of Neo, Da Hongfei, advised China to ban ICO and exchanges! As crazy as this seems, this choice was a strategic decision that allows Neo a lot of leverage with the Chinese government after the election takes place on the 18th October 2017.

No one can predict if China will unban exchanges anytime soon, but with Neo complying with regulations and advising the government on blockchain, I am optimistic about China’s support for Neo in the longer term.

I wrote about Neo being China’s Ethereum here: blockchainblog

cheap cryptocurrency
Tina Mailhot-Roberge

Michael Taylor, Crypto since ‘11 & profited £4M+. Join My Slack.

 Updated Oct. 21
 Here are my top 5

You want to buy value, not speculate the price of a currency in crypto. If your timeframe is 6 months, the following are some good picks:

  • Monero – Solid dev team, great roadmap.
  • Decred – Ditto the above.
  • Litecoin – Charlie Lee (founder) is now working full time on it. Big things coming.
  • Golem – Best project (ERC20) on Ethereum by far, I’m holding some myself.
  • Factom – Solid product with VC backing

Make sure you use a hardware wallet to store your coins. Coinbase is a great place to start off if you’re new. Join Our Crypto Community of 2000+ Strong on Slack here.

Jim Reynolds, studied Business at University of Leicester (2016)

 Answered Nov. 1

This question is misleading. Everything has the value that the market determines. Nothing is cheap or expensive.

Do you mean, “Which undervalued cryptocurrency should I invest?”

Value is derived from use/utility. Which cryptocurrency has the most utility?

Utility is a relative term because utility to one person is not the same to another. Some want a currency and others want a store of wealth.

There are a few competing contenders for the title of the most valuable cryptocurrency, IMHO in this order:

  • Bitcoin (When the fees are lower and governance is more stable)
  • Dash
  • Zcoin
  • Pivx
  • OmiseGO

Tom Vanlint

 Answered Friday

Kucoin – It’s only listed on Coinmarketcap for a very short period of time so it’s really new. It are shares in a new exchange located in Hong Kong that opened it’s doors the 15th of Sseptember. It’s the first to list Red Pulse tokens and is one of the only exchanges that distribute GAS when keeping NEO on their platform. You can check out the other coins that they list here.

With those shares you get a daily dividend of all the income the exchange generates. Kucoin.com returns at least 50 percent of their revenue from trades back to investors who hold Kucoin shares on the exchange.

Great way to earn some passive income in the form of daily dividends. Owning Kucoin shares allows you to reduce the trading fees on the Kucoin exchange up to 30 percent.

And of course, always do your own research before investing into something.