8 Reasons For South Africans To Be Positive About Their Country

8 Reasons For South Africans To Be Positive About Their Country

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Even during difficult social and economic times, there are often lessons that can be learned and positives that should be taken from the situation in a country. South Africa has its fair share of issues, but through all of the negative elements there are always positives that shine through as examples of why a country is wonderful or inspirational.

With this in mind, we considered 8 reasons why South Africans should feel positive about their country.

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President Zuma is required to pay back some of the Nkandla money

The ConCourt Ruling shows that democracy works

The recent Constitutional Court ruling regarding the fact that president Jacob Zuma is required to pay back some of the money that was wasted on his Nkandla residence, as a confirmation of the independent powers of the public prosecutor’s office is a massive win for democracy, and a sign that South Africa’s democracy remains routed in the constitution.

Image: wswiegers@gmail.com
Image: wswiegers@gmail.com

South Africans think of their fellow man on the other side of the country

The initiatives that were sparked by the severe drought and help for communities and farmers all over South Africa was inspirational. The fact that ordinary home owners in the suburbs of Johannesburg would collect and send their lawn cuttings to farmers in the Free State to use as animal feed shows a social conscience and a greater sense of community. The countless donations sent from people in the bigger cities to communities and farmers suffering due to the drought is a sign of care and support that is inspiring.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah is an example of South African humour – indiewire.com

South Africans have a sense of humour, even in tough times

The people of South Africa are notoriously resilient, and often it is their sense of humour and the ability to find the funny side in something more serious that helps them to continue forward in search of solutions to problems. This is a trait to be proud of, and is something that has allowed for healing in a unique way.

The 2010 World Cup was held in SA – Stadiumguide.com

Everyone knows that a sporting event held in South Africa will be a success

As a sports mad country, South Africa has done well to cultivate a reputation as a nation capable of hosting any sporting event with aplomb. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting competition on the planet, and in 2010 the country added this badge to a growing list of successfully hosted events on the sporting stage. Previous events include the Africa Cup of Nations (on more than one occasion), the Rugby and Cricket World Cups, while the 2022 Commonwealth Games is set to take place in Durban.

University of the Witwatersrand, Celebrating Wits' 90th anniversary, 2012. witsdfo.wordpress.com
Celebrating Wits’ 90th anniversary, 2012. witsdfo.wordpress.com

#FeesMustFall showed an active citizenry amongst the youth

Students throughout South Africa protested the proposed university fee increases for 2016 that were announced in October last year, with protests beginning in Johannesburg and spreading throughout the country, until government was forced to take notice and act on the demands of the country’s youth. This solidarity and determination by the students is evidence of an active citizenry amongst the next generation of young leaders.

South Africa has a great deal to see and do – Thinkstock

South Africa is a great place to visit

Apart from the usual chorus of visitors praising the people of South Africa for their friendly and welcoming attitude towards foreigners and tourists, the country is a tourism hub due to a long list of wonderful places to visit, and things to see and do. Tourism in South Africa is a booming industry, with tourism numbers for January 2016 hitting a new record of 1,012,641 tourist arrivals, representing a 15% growth compared to January last year, according to Stats SA.

The cost of living in South Africa is a positive aspect – Thinkstock

The cost of living is still favourable compared to other countries

According to a report from GoBankingRates, a ranking of 112 countries by four key affordability metrics, provided by online pricing database Numbeo, determined that South Africa was the best place to live and retire in based on the cost of living. This survey found that value for money was highest in South Africa versus the other countries in the research based on the local purchasing power index, rent index, groceries index and consumer price index.

investments up
The Rand has a way of making a comeback

The Rand will likely correct somewhat

The Rand took a tumble in December 2015 and has depreciated considerably against major currencies since last year as investors shy away from Africa’s second largest economy due to political scandals and a variety of international and domestic factors. But the Rand tends to bounce back, and economists believe that positive global sentiment, together with better domestic economic prospects will likely see the Rand appreciate over the next few months.