8 Stunning Hotels For A Picturesque Wedding In Morocco

8 Stunning Hotels For A Picturesque Wedding In Morocco

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For the photo opportunities alone, brides and grooms consider Morocco with its bright colors and charming architecture. Steeped in tradition and bursting with vibrant Mediterranean energy, Morocco has just the right combination of romance and adventure that newlyweds love. Each city in Morocco has its own special character, so there is something for every pair of betrothed lovers, from the quiet and spiritual couple, to the couple who loves to see and be seen. Here are 8 stunning hotels for a wedding in Morocco.

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Riadelizabeth.com/Riad Elizabeth Hotel Morocco

The Riad Hotel, Marrakech

The Riad Hotel has a wedding photo opp around every corner, with its stunning salmon-colored façade and arches with lovely details. You can hold a ceremony or reception on its rooftop terrace or spacious courtyard. Just a 10-minute drive from the Manera airport, the Riad Hotel is easily accessible for traveling guests. Should the bride and groom decide to stay here for their honeymoon, they’ll enjoy personal shopping services, a detail-oriented concierge service, and a great location near the historic Marrakech Museum, Musee de l’Art de Vivre Marocain and Bahia Palace. You can see more at Riad-elizabeth.hotelinmarrakech.net.

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Tripadvisor.co.uk/Wedding at villa gonatouki

 Villa Gonatouki, Ghazoua

Villa Gonatouki in Ghazoua enjoys views of the ocean and mountains. Set on a manicured green hill, and boasting luxurious traditional Moroccan architecture, this hotel gives a bridal party the opportunity to feel like they’re staying in a Moroccan palace. If a wedding party is looking to reserve an entire hotel for their big day, this is the hotel to do it. There are a limited number of rooms—all elaborately furnished—and several cheery common areas to drink and relax around the property. It also has two pools, a solarium, and a highly regarded local chef preparing seasonal cuisine according to Gonatouki.com.

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Lawrenceofmorocco.com/Baoussala hotel in Morocco

Baoussala Guest House, Essaouira

The Baoussala Guest House gives guests the comfort and intimate feeling of being in their own home, but with 24/7 hotel service available. Each day, the staff makes a fresh breakfast from locally sourced food, a poolside lunch including barbecue and salads, and a three-course dinner. There are masseuses available on site, ready to give a massage poolside, in a guest’s suite, or anywhere around the manicured walking gardens. The hotel has just six suites, each individually decorated, scattered around a relaxing courtyard and terrace, says Hotel-Baoussala-essaouira.com. Baoussala is the perfect choice for a bride and groom hoping for a rejuvenating and unforgettable getaway with their guests.

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Junebugweddings.com/The Dar Ayniwen wedding

The Dar Ayniwen, Marrakech

The Dar Ayniwen is a luxury hotel and spa with suites and villas situated around a large, traditional Moroccan house where guests can convene for meals or relaxation. The property offers activities perfect for a newlywed couple like hot air balloon rides and cooking classes. The property also has a traditional hammam, a heated pool, and a spa offering refreshing treatments like prickly pear facials and full waxing services. The hotel is especially known for its gardens which cover a range of landscapes, including a cactus garden, an English lawn and a woodland, each perfectly picturesque for a wedding ceremony. See more at Dar-ayniwen.com.

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Riadzany.blogspot.com/wedding at Riad Laaroussa

Riad Laaroussa, Fes

Riad Laaroussa sits on a hill overlooking the enchanting city of Fes. The property has an interesting background, once having served as the inner sanctum of a palace before being a school and finally being purchased by an Italian family. This history is apparent in the architecture. The hotel is a serene getaway from the narrow streets, busy market places and wild donkeys of Fes, but it is never far from that action either. It’s the perfect hotel for the adventurous wedding party. The staff are like family and you are encouraged to venture into the kitchen, get to know them, and learn the secrets of Fassi cuisine, according to I-escape.com. There are also only eight guest rooms, all with high ceilings and vibrant décor.

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Venere.com/Mazagan beach resort in Casablanca

Mazagan, Casablanca

The Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort is ideal for wedding parties who are inviting guests from around the world, and want to give them plenty to do, see and experience after their long journey. The Mazagan is so enormous, it is almost a small city in itself, so guests never need to leave. They can be constantly entertained while remaining nearby for wedding-related events. The resort has a casino, several pools (some more serene, and some more kid-friendly), and a nightclub that’s ideal for a bachelor or bachelorette party. The resort is on a beach, so the wedding party can have their ceremony right on the sand, or in one of the property’s many ballrooms. You can read more about the hotels amenities on Mazaganbeachresort.com.

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Tripadvisor.com/wedding at Riad Noir d’ Ivoire

Riad Noir d’ Ivoire, Marrakesh

A stay at the riad Noir d’Ivoire feels like a stay in the home of one of the most sophisticated families in Marrakesh. The hotel was designed by a French and English couple who took great care to ensure every visitor experiences offered unparalleled personal service. The property has just nine rooms, each decorated with a special theme, and the entire building oozes romance, from the lantern-lit walkways to the cozy couches around every corner. Tucked away and extremely peaceful, this is ideal for a couple hoping for an intimate ceremony. See more at Noir-d-ivoire.com.

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Lelalondon.com/Hotel and Spa le Doge

Hotel and Spa Le Doge, Casablanca

The Hotel and Spa Le Doge was built by an Italian entrepreneur in the 1930s, and originally served as a private mansion. The hotel’s Italian roots can still be seen around the dramatic spiral staircase that winds through the center of the property, the formal and sophisticated library, and the Mediterranean pops of color in the private suites. The hotel also has a spa and a traditional hammam. A small property, the De Loge is best for intimate weddings. Parties hoping to adventure through the city, but wanting to return to the ultimate in comfort at the end of their day, will love this hotel. The staff is happy to organize a dinner for up to 35 people with traditional Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, says Hotelledoge.com.