8 Countries In Africa That Score Highest For Giving To Charity

Written by Julia Austin

Countries in Africa are often the focus of news reports about how they get international aid and charity that provide much-needed relief from poverty, AIDS/HIV, homelessness and other areas of need — some of them, benefiting big business.

What gets little or no attention is how Africans give. The Guardian released a list of some of the countries in Africa whose citizens are among the most generous in the world. More than 10 African countries made it into the top 50 list. This list is proof that people in need can recognize when somebody is worse off than they are, and lend a hand.

These countries were rated based on percentage of the population that gives money to charity, donates their time to volunteer organizations, and that has helped a stranger. These are the 8 countries in Africa that score highest for giving.

Source: Theguardian.com