African Diaspora: 8 African Products You Can Find In Whole Foods Stores

Written by Julia Austin

Getting a product on the shelves of the organic and fair-trade friendly supermarket chain Whole Foods is the dream of many companies worldwide.

The U.S.-based chain specializes in organic food, with 430-plus locations in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. It’s no surprise that many businesses aim to get their product on the shelves of this mega-chain. But Whole foods, which carries a significant amount of fair trade products, chooses its manufacturers carefully.

Whole Foods consumers are conscious consumers, driven not by low prices but by the quality and ethics behind their purchases. Whole Food charges more for many products than other supermarkets, particularly for produce.

An avocado or bell pepper can cost nearly twice what competitors charge. Whole Foods shoppers are looking for unique taste and companies that care.

Whole Foods must turn to food manufacturers to do that, and several African companies fit the bill. Getting a product on Whole Foods shelves is a dream for many companies. These African brands got it done. Here are 8 African products you can find in Whole Foods stores.