The Biggest Winners: 5 African Billionaires Who Didn’t Lose Money In 2015

Written by Dana Sanchez

Christo Wiese. Photo: Halden Krog/
Christo Wiese. Photo: Halden Krog/

Christo Wiese, South Africa

Net Worth: $6.2 billion

Up: $841 million (15%)

How he made his money:

Christo Wiese was the biggest beneficiary of a February 2015 deal in which Steinhoff, a furniture and home goods retailer he owned stakes in, acquired Pepkor, a clothing and footwear seller, for $5.7 billion in cash and stock. Wiese now owns an estimated 17 percent in Steinhoff, as well as 15 percent of publicly listed Shoprite Holdings, one of Africa’s largest retailers, as well as a stake in private equity firm Brait. Wiese’s $841 million gain in 2015 made him the biggest African billionaire winner in dollar terms.

Source: Forbes