Meet 12 Young African Entrepreneur Finalists For Anzisha Prize 2015

Written by Dana Sanchez

Faced with few resources and high unemployment, African youth are turning to innovation to solve challenges in their communities. Some are getting rich doing it, themselves becoming employers  in the process.

Twelve young entrepreneurs from nine African countries have been identified as finalists for the 2015 Anzisha Prize.

They were chosen from 494 applicants. The Anzisha Prize team — a partnership between the African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation — searched for African entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 22.

The Anzisha Prize received applicants from 33 African countries, including finalists for the first time from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

Finalists for the Anzisha Prize have a chance to win a share of $75,000 and access to ongoing support to scale their enterprises and expand their impact.

Based in South Africa. the Anzisha Prize describes itself as believing fundamentally in the power of youth-led change.

Check out the 12 young African entrepreneur finalists for Anzisha Prize 2015. This list will give you a good idea of the types of business opportunities — and the mindsets behind the vision — that are getting attention and attracting investor interest in African countries.

Sources:, CapitalFM