10 Impressive, World-Class African Hospitals

10 Impressive, World-Class African Hospitals

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Africa is at times involved in the news when there is a medical issue at the core of the story, such as the Ebola virus or HIV/AIDS, and often help from other parts of the world is necessary to combat illness or assist Africans from a medical perspective.

Over 1.1 billion people populate 54 countries on the continent, and the many unique challenges that healthcare institutions face in Africa such as poor infrastructure, sparse medical insurance and entrenched tribal beliefs are all obstacles that need to be managed to improve the situation in many African nations.

Despite the struggles, the continent is also able to boast some impressive medical centres and hospitals which are world-class in nature.

We take a closer look at 10 of the most impressive hospitals and hospital groups available on the African continent.

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Life Healthcare - Beacon Bay Hospital
Life Healthcare – Beacon Bay Hospital – bandageer.info

Life Healthcare Hospital Group – South Africa

The Life Healthcare group is a a leading private hospital operator in South Africa with a focus on acute hospital care. The group have developed an extensive geographic network of diverse facilities throughout seven of the country’s nine provinces, while it also built a hospital in Botswana’s capital, Gabarone.

Life’s 63 hospitals across the country include 51 which are acute care facilities, while there are renal dialysis, mental health, rehabilitation and occupational health elements of the company, while there is also a college of learning for to ensure that staff remain well-trained.

Top Nigerian Hospital
Top Nigerian Hospital – diamondreport.com.ng

Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro Abeokuta – Nigeria

This mental health hospital is a modernised and well-equipped establishment in Nigeria. Mental health treatment is made available, while training and research form a core of the hospital’s operations. The care is costly, however, and is not accessible to all segments of the population due to economic considerations.

The hospital was established in 1954 in place of an asylum which operated for 10 years on the site. One of the focuses of the centre is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary service for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons.

Arab Contractors Medical Centre
Arab Contractors Medical Centre – arabcont.com

Arab Contractors Medical Centre – Egypt

This Egyptian medical centre was created in 1981 by the Arab Contractors Company as a gift meant to benefit the community. The architecturally impressive facility boasts around 350 beds, and is a leading hospital in the country due to the well-trained medical personnel and the focus on technology in improving care.

The modern hospital aims to make the community it serves healthier, and provides services which include cardiovascular, endocrinology, gastroenterology and gynaecological care, at a standard that is equal to any top facility.

Netcare Greenacres Hospital
Netcare Greenacres Hospital – nmbt.co.za

The Netcare Group – South Africa

The Netcare Group operates a network of hospitals throughout South Africa and the United Kingdom, boasting the largest private hospital network in South Africa and the UK. The company’s shares are even listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, since December 1996.

Netcare have cultivated a reputation for excellent care at their facilities, while they are also considered a good company to work for. Netcare is also the largest private trainer of emergency medical personnel and healthcare workers within South Africa, while they are an independent service provider to the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain.

It’s all about patient care for Ganzouri – livescience.com

Ganzouri Specialised Hospital – Egypt

The Ganzouri Specialised Hospital is a 37-year-old facility in the Egyptian capital with a unique take on patient care versus other hospitals in the country. The Cairo hospital considers care the most important aspect of what it brings to the communities it serves, with a special focus on improving that care through thoughtful collaboration with the patients that benefit from the highly trained doctors and medical staff.

Many of the patients are considered business customers, in that they are high income individuals demanding the best care from the facility, and they trust Ganzouri to provide that.

Diani Beach Hospital Kenya
Diani Beach Hospital Kenya – diani.info

Diani Beach Hospital Kenya – Kenya

Kenya boasts an impressive private hospital on the South Coast of the country, at the Diani Beach Hospital, which was established in 1997 to meet the needs of the people in the area, as the closest hospital was in Mombasa.

Necessity led to its creation, but the dedication of staff and push to be the best hospital in the country saw it thrive. The hospital now serves a mix of locals and tourists to the area, with the latest technology used to ensure best international practices of patient care.

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St. Luke’s Hospital Angal – Uganda

This Ugandan hospital is a a non-profit medical institution which belongs to the network of Catholic health centres in the country as part of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau.

With a bed capacity of 260 and a staff complement of 153 well-trained medical practitioners, the hospital even attracts patients from neighbouring South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Originally set up as a maternity centre by the Comboni Missionaries in the 1940s, it was later upgraded to a fully fledged and well-managed hospital.

Ghana Canada Medical Centre
Ghana Canada Medical Centre – greenglobalhealth.com

Ghana Canada Medical Centre – Ghana

Situated in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, this ultra-modern medical centre is well equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities available in West Africa, and complemented by highly-trained doctors, nurses and assistants.

The healthcare centre is a result of numerous Ghanaian doctors returning to the country after having spent time working abroad in various countries, including Canada. Along with the general walk-in clinic, the hospital specialises in gynaecology, urology, surgery, paediatrics, eye, dental, and internal medicine, while the laboratory and ultrasound services available at the centre are world-class.

 (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Lisa Hnatowicz)
(Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Lisa Hnatowicz)

MediClinic Group – South Africa

The MediClinic Group is the sixth largest hospital groups in the world, with an elaborate network of medical centres available throughout the world. From an African perspective, Mediclinic Southern Africa has more than 7,600 beds in 52 multidisciplinary hospitals located in South Africa and Namibia.

Highly trained nurses and doctors benefit from specialised units, including heart units, stroke units, and other centres of excellence such as the PI Branemark Institute for facial reconstruction, providing patients with world-class care and facilities that any hospital would be proud of. The hospital group was also made famous as one of their medical centres helped to treat Nelson Mandela when he was not well in the years before he passed away.

Institut Pasteur de Madagascar
Institut Pasteur de Madagascar – pasteur.mg

Institut Pasteur de Madagascar – Madagascar

This hospital falls under the Ministry of Health and Family Planning, and is recognised as a charity by the government of Madagascar, allowing it to operate with funding from various sources.

This ensures that the standard of the medical centre is high, and that the best patient care can be guaranteed for all who require the services of the Malagasy hospital. The hospital is state-of-the-art compared to many other such institutions in the area, offering locals quality medical care at affordable cost.