10 Springbok Videos To Excite Fans For The Rugby World Cup

10 Springbok Videos To Excite Fans For The Rugby World Cup

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Springbok 2015 Rugby World Cup Jersey
Springbok 2015 Rugby World Cup Jersey – 365.worldrugbyshop.com

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will be exciting fans of the sport in a few days when the flagship tournament takes place in England, and South Africa’s Springboks are amongst the top sides expected to be in contention for the title.

With this in mind, AFKSports have compiled a selection of videos that will get supporters of the South African rugby side excited about the upcoming competition and the prospects of their beloved team.

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Home Ground Advantage For Springboks In England: Castle Lager Advert

South African beer Castle Lager is a major sponsor of sport in the country, and they also sponsor the Springboks. The brand produced this advert, which is running on television in the country at the moment, demonstrating the passion of the fans who travel to England to support the Boks and make them feel at home, thereby providing them with a sense of home ground advantage. The ad also shows the appreciation of the team for the fans, ahead of the Rugby World Cup in England.

(Video Courtesy of Castle Lager)


What’s Your Greatest Game: ABSA Advert

ABSA Bank is one of the Springbok sponsors, and as such they produced this advert looking at ordinary South Africans and the important roles that they play in society and in their daily lives that illustrates the fact that they do not need to be a Springbok rugby player to have a positive impact on their communities and those around them. The campaign from the banking giant calls on South Africans to play their greatest game in terms of what they do to be the best they can be and show courage.

(Video Courtesy of ABSA)

South Africans get behind the Springboks: SuperSport Advert

As a major broadcaster on the African continent which will televise all of the Rugby World Cup games live, SuperSport produced this advert to showcase the fact that they will be broadcasting the tournament, but also to display their patriotism and support for the Springboks who will be travelling to take on the best rugby playing nations to become world champions. The advert shows current and past players, alongside celebrities and ordinary South Africans displaying their patriotism by clenching their chest as one does when singing the national anthem.

(Video Courtesy of SuperSport)


Victorious Springboks in 2015 final: Shield Advert

As the official deodorant sponsor for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Shield made this advert with an inspirational storyline surrounding a South African Springbok supporter who goes out of his way to watch the final moments of his side winning the 2015 tournament at a local sports bar by climbing above the wall using a ladder along with fellow fans. Shield uses the hashtag #1team1nation.

(Video Courtesy of Shield)

Success is not an accident: Asics Advert

The new Springbok Asics kit is unveiled in this advert. The solid dark green jersey features gold detailing, a v-neck design in dark green and the asics logo in gold in the center of the jersey under the collar. The sleeve has 2 hoops of gold of varying widths, while the South African Rugby Union (SARU) logo is over the heart and the 2015 Rugby World Cup logo is over the right part of the chest.

(Video Courtesy of Asics)

#HomegroundAdvantage launch video

This inspirational video looks back at the victorious moments at World Cups for the Springboks, and reminisces about the triumphant 2007 World Cup, as well as the moment when South African president and international icon Nelson Mandela presented the trophy to captain Francois Pienaar, producing an iconic image representing the new Rainbow Nation.

(Video Courtesy of SARU)

Rugby World Cup 356 days away

This video clip was produced almost a year ago, designed to announce that the Rugby World Cup was only a year away, with inspirational images from previous Springbok triumphs used to stir the emotions. With the tournament now only a matter of days away, it is interesting to re-watch this video.

(Video Courtesy of SARU)


BokFriday campaign to get fans supporting

South Africans are encouraged to wear their green and gold Springbok jerseys or any similar colours on Fridays to support their national team ahead of the Rugby World Cup as part of the #BokFriday campaign. This stems from a similar supporter initiative that took place during the last RWC event, and the 2010 World Cup soccer, which was hosted in South Africa.

(Video Courtesy of SARU)


South African celebrities lend their support to the Springboks

Celebrities from various walks of life, sport and popular culture come together in this video to support the Springboks, singing the South African national anthem to show their patriotism. The video shows a variety of celebs from all industries, including former Springboks, singers and television personalities.

(Video Courtesy of SARU)

Flashback to a previous Springbok World Cup advert from Sasol

As one of the official sponsors of the Springboks ahead of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Sasol produced this interesting advert involving some of the stars of the team at the time. This advert was a favourite amongst supporters before and during that World Cup.

(Video Courtesy of Sasol)