People Are Divided About Diddy Buying the Carolina Panthers

the guys from taxis on Natasha Martinez . yesterday J Richardson the current owner of the Carolina Panthers took to the team’s website to another he would be selling the franchise after this season is up is all comes on the heels of the Panthers’ revealing that Richardson was being investigated for several sexual harassment allegations and Caroline also reportedly made significant settlements with at least four ex employees due to Richardson’s actions since the news has surfaced that the team will be up for sale rapper record producer and entrepreneur P Diddy has just stepped up to the plate to voice his interest in buying the NFL team took to Twitter and said I would like to buy the Panthers’ spread the word reach we then follow that three by saying there are no majority African American NFL owners let’s make history . he later posted a throw back picture of him sporting a Panthers jersey they did all the way back to two thousand and three so maybe this is alr in time before we even knew it prophecy or not a lot of people are high to the idea of duty having ownership of the team and of course there were those who found room to crack up jokes as well . if Diddy but the Panthers you know he gonna be on the field selling so rocks kicking field goals and are an all white parties on the field after every game that sounds lettuce if you ask me sitting on by Panthers and move into New York and change the name to the Harlem bad boys and the stadium going to have a big ass Iraq logo P Diddy does not weep for the middle class and below I be trying to relate but then he’ll tweet some that like Let’s go buy some NFL teams duty on the sidelines of Panthers games after he buys the team getting into by the Panthers and make French Montana the GM and then there are those who were really feeling good these new entrepreneurial endeavors . p Diddy wants to buy the Panthers and say he would immediately sign calling Capra neck . somebody tell Diddy Cam Newton isn’t dead north Carolina Panthers and the suggestion to immediately sign cabinet to potentially take Cam Newton’s quarterback job . it’s obvious that he is already trying to make it all by himself and the Panthers organization along with the fences are much better owner than that . did he really put a video online saying he wanted to buy the Panthers in one minute he won got the name of the team wrong to say he began cap to compete for starting job despite already having a franchise quarterback . three suggests a halftime show would be the organization’s number two priority obviously there are mixed emotions on D’s drive to snatch up the Panthers but he says motivated other black prominent figures to pitch in as well to buy the team Cullen coven at three den i want in on the ownership group let’s make it happen . even Seth Curry wants in on the front to back in September fourth place the value of the Carolina Panthers at two point three billion dollars the current owner Jerry Richardson and investors bought the team back in nineteen ninety three for two hundred and six million repeated his net worth is valued at an estimated eight hundred and twenty million so hopefully with the backing of some of his sports fans and some potential investors needed his dream will come true . that’s all you news from Napa for Monday be sure to subtract a complex on YouTube for Copics use of Natasha Martinez The .

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