EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn man who says he was beaten by cops after asking for help wins $3M verdict

A 27-year-old Brooklyn man was awarded $3 million by a federal jury Thomas Jennings, says he turned to the police for help only to get badly beaten by a trio of cops in front of his young son In April 2014, he picked up his son from day care headed to the boy’s mother’s apartment Jennings said they were there to get clothes for the boy to wear while staying at his place But the mother, Jenning’s estranged girlfriend, attacked him, striking him in the head At this time he called police, according to his lawyer, Amy Rameau Jennings tried to explain to the officers what happened, showing them court documents detailing his visitation rights The police apparently sided with the girlfriend, who insisted Jennings was violating an order of protection Building surveillance video shows Jennings being dragged out of the lobby and put in a police car. Then they pulled his son away from him and began beating him Thomas Jennings says that as the son of a police officer he has respect for what they do, but that what happened to him was flat out wrong “I have so much love for them because my father was a cop. You have good cops but you also have some bad ones out there. They were supposed to be there for me, to help me. The charges against Jennings — criminal contempt and assaulting a police officer — were later dismissed and Jennings sued On Friday, about five hours into deliberations after a four-day trial, the jury awarded Jennings $3 million, $2.5 million of it in punitive damages.

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