Investor Jewel Burks Talks About Building Partpic Before Selling Her Company to Amazon

Investor Jewel Burks Talks About Building Partpic Before Selling Her Company to Amazon

Jewel Burks

Partpic founder and CEO Jewel Burks discusses how she developed an idea to streamline the purchase, repair and maintenance of parts. Partpic was acquired by Amazon in 2018. On Part 1, Jewel shares her sacrifices, research process (she talked to potential customers before investing time and money in the venture) and how she raised the first $2M.

This Prodigy was turned down by 200 Investors: Then She Sold Company to Amazon

jewel burks

Jewel Burks discusses her M&A process when she sold her tech company, Partpic, to Amazon. She and Jamarlin debate whether Sen. Kamala Harris should be held accountable for policing Facebook and Google in Silicon Valley when she was the attorney general of California.  

GHOGH With Jamarlin Martin

ghogh with jamarlin martin
On the Go-Hard-Or-Go-Home show, we talk to the leading tech founders, CEOs, political leaders and influencers about what really matters. The goal is to program the Black economic revolution at scale. What we mean by “Go Hard” is we’re asking tough questions to the leaders of industries, leaders in politics, and leaders in our community. We’re not tapdancing around the questions you need to hear. Let’s GHOGH!

Serial Entrepreneur And Marketing Whiz Everette Taylor

Jamarlin talks to serial entrepreneur and marketing whiz, Everette Taylor, about building GrowthHackers, PopSocial and other companies. Everette shares what he learned from selling his first tech business at age 21 and working with Snapchat on a new startup accelerator. They also discuss founders investing too much in public relations, and whether negro tech elites need to step up, reach back and help more Black people.

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