Flawed Thinking in Our Community | Episode 42

Jamarlin goes solo and talks about flawed thinking within our community. He covers R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, support for the late Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and Sudan in the ’90s.

The Bull Market And Why They Hate Ocasio-Cortez And Gabbard | Episode 41

Jamarlin Martin discusses the nasty stock market decline and why there’s trouble ahead for the global economy. He also discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal for a 70-percent tax rate on the wealthiest Americans, and why the military industrial complex and regime-change hawks hate 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

Jade Martin and Victoria Jordan | Episode 40

Jamarlin talks to Jade Martin and Victoria Jordan, branded entertainment producers for Urban One (NASDAQ: UONEK). They discuss their work for Toyota, P&G and Coke, and the cultural impact of reality TV on Black America. They also discuss the business prospects for REVOLT TV and Diddy becoming more pro-Black.

Tunde Ogunlana | Episode 39

Jamarlin talks to family wealth advisor Tunde Ogunlana, CEO of Axial Family Advisors, about estate planning and Snoop Dogg’s comment that he doesn’t need a will (“I don’t give a f— when I’m dead. What am I gonna give a f— about?”). They also discuss the growing college debt bubble, whether more free tuition will help solve the problem, and why MBAs are like the bachelor’s degrees of 30 years ago.

Tony Effik | Episode 38

Jamarlin talks to Tony Effik, SVP of Client Strategy at NBCUniversal, about where the digital media business is going. Tony talks about directing strategy across the largest multi-billion dollar media portfolio, opportunities with subscriptions, and the business of podcasting. They debate whether there is a bubble developing with podcasting and whether podcasting benefits from Google and Facebook’s advertising claws are not being in the pot yet. They also discuss Silicon Valley’s love affair with MBS and how much regulation is needed to check psychopathic corporate behavior when dealing with massive data and user scale.

Alvin Blanco | Episode 37

Jamarlin talks to Alvin Blanco, managing editor of HipHopWired, about #MeToo, allegations against Michael Jackson, and they revisit Spotify’s efforts at censorship. They also discuss the gentrification of the term “woke” and how Vanity Fair used it to describe Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, culture vultures in digital media, and Jay-Z’s legacy.

Jacques Bastien | Episode 36

Jamarlin talks to Jacques Bastien, founder and CEO of SHADE, a leading influencer management agency. They discuss Jacques’ concept of “hustlepreneurship”, developing a culture that embraces the benefits from entrepreneurship failure and navigating the complex business of social influencers.

Isa Watson | Episode 35

Jamarlin talks to Isa Watson, founder and CEO of Squad by Envested, a VC-backed software company that is scaling a next-gen platform to build relationships at work. They discuss her nuanced views on race and gender in tech, raising capital, and Richelieu Dennis’s $100M investment fund that represents Black folks “owning” our rise.

Rashad Moore | Episode 34

Jamarlin talks to Score 3 Angels founder and investor Rashad Moore about his transition from engineer and employee to boss of his own software consulting company, which he sold to a subcontractor for a U.S. intelligence agency. They discuss Moore’s experience growing up geek and the benefits of angel investing in a group.

Dr. Gina Paige | Episode 33

Jamarlin talks to Dr. Gina Paige about African Ancestry, the company that used DNA to pioneer a new way of tracing African lineages and helped 500,000+ people reconnect with their roots. They discuss whether acquiring a knowledge of self and reconnecting with the motherland is the key to scaling African-American cultural optimization and economic empowerment in America. They also discuss whether folks with resources can be “about that life” with no curiosity to visit the motherland.

Shireen Mitchell | Episode 32

Jamarlin talks to serial entrepreneur and technologist Shireen Mitchell about whether Black tech investors invest enough in Black entrepreneurs. They discuss Facebook and Google de-platforming Black activists and how the algorithms disproportionately censor people who speak out against those in power. They debate whether Silicon Valley’s so-called “diversity” problem is connected to systemic content-policing against Black folks online.

McKeever Conwell II | Episode 31

Jamarlin talks to investor and serial entrepreneur McKeever Conwell II about being inspired by a teacher to become an engineer, getting recruited out of college by a U.S. intelligence agency, and making pre-seed investments for Maryland’s tech development state fund, TEDCO. They also discuss Elon Musk’s $20M fraud settlement with the SEC and why so many folks are soft on white-collar crime.

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