Executive Team Tonjé Bakang Tonje
Ludovic Bostral
Employees 1-10
Location Paris, France
Founded 2014

Afrostream is subscription video on demand (SVOD) which provides millions of fans with unlimited access to Afro-American and African movies and TV series. There are people everywhere around the world who would love to watch blacks films: they love black culture. For example in Africa, the immense demand for content – local and international – is still far from being met. There are one billion people in Africa, some 300 million of which have or will soon have broadband internet access. Pay-TV services only service about 8-to-10 million households. They bring black entertainment to passionate viewers on multiple screens (PC, Smartphone, Tablet…). Afrostream distributes feature films, independent films, TV-series and stand-up comedies.

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