blockchain to defy Hollywood stereotypes
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Color Farm Media Uses Blockchain To Defy Hollywood Stereotypes

By Rob Salkowitz, 10:25 am

Black Panther’s reign at the top of the box office may have changed a few minds in Hollywood about the viability of racially diverse and minority-fronted projects, but how do you get those projects into the pipeline? Writer/actress Erika Alexander may have an answer. Alexander, most recently seen in last year’s eye-opening Oscar winner “Get […]

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  • ‘Black Panther’ Breaks Yet Another Record By Making Twitter History

    By Carey Purcell, 10:30 am

    “Black Panther”, the Marvel Universe movie sensation, has shattered seemingly endless records, including being the first movie since “Avatar” to top the weekend box office five weeks in a row. Along with earning the distinctions of being the biggest launch of a single superhero of all time and the biggest opening weekend for a film that […]

  • This Woman Spoke Up About Inclusion And Sparked A Social Movement

    social movement By Pauleanna Reid, 11:12 am

    Validation of our beauty can be hard to come by, especially when the images seen in mainstream media tend to elevate one type, one beauty ideal. When plus-size fashion blogger and social justice advocate, Valerie Eguavoen made the decision to speak out about the lack of diversity in the “influencers” selected by big brands, creating […]

  • Meet The Woman Advising The World’s Top Blockchain Companies

    By Lisa Winning, 10:08 am

    The blockchain landscape is commanding an increasing amount of attention. With more first-time companies and applications vying for ICOs, interest in the long-term viabilities of technologies based on the blockchain is also growing. One of the questions many blockchain developers and entrepreneurs must answer to investors who may be intrigued, but skeptical, regarding the actual […]

  • Tennessee Has Fined Residents Nearly $100,000, Just For Braiding Hair

    By Nick Sibilla, 10:08 am

        Ever since she was a little girl, Fatou Diouf has been braiding hair. And for almost two decades, Fatou has turned that tradition into a vocation by working professionally as a licensed natural hair stylist in Tennessee. “I never did any other job but hair braiding my whole life,” she said. “I cannot […]

  • Your Inner Circle Might Be Killing Innovation. Here’s How To Know.

    By Chaka Booker, 10:28 am

      Twenty years ago, John Maxwell wrote his bestseller “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” The classic is filled with great advice and many of his concepts have made their way into management lexicon and practice. The Law of the Inner Circle has become particularly ubiquitous. The law explains how a leader’s potential is determined by the […]

  • The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence

    By Thomas Fox-Brewster, 4:01 pm

    In what appears to be a major breakthrough for law enforcement, and a possible privacy problem for Apple customers, a major U.S. government contractor claims to have found a way to unlock pretty much every iPhone on the market. Cellebrite, a Petah Tikva, Israel-based vendor that’s become the U.S. government’s company of choice when it comes to unlocking mobile […]

  • The Art Of Being Self-Made: A Conversation With Nipsey Hussle

    By Julian Mitchell, 4:01 pm

    Few emcees have mastered the ability to clearly translate the relationship between culture and commerce. This rare breed of rappers share a powerful perspective, delivering coded messages for hustlers hoping to step off the corner and young execs set on taking over the boardroom. Their unique outlook is shaped by lived experiences, telling stories with authenticated […]

  • The Top 15 Cities For Blockchain Technology Jobs In America

    By Jeff Kauflin, 12:02 pm

    Blockchain is approaching major buzzword status, joining the ranks of technologies like artificial intelligence that promise to change the world. That’s because blockchain underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin—its distributed ledger software used to transfer information securely and quickly. Every day, it seems that a different company announces a new blockchain initiative. But for anyone interested […]

  • Racist, Sexist AI Could Be A Bigger Problem Than Lost Jobs

    By Parmy Olson, 10:55 am

    Joy Buolamwini was conducting research at MIT on how computers recognized people’s faces, when she started experiencing something weird. Whenever she sat before a system’s front-facing camera, it wouldn’t recognize her face, even after working for her lighter-skinned friends. But when she put on a simple white mask, the face-tracking animation suddenly lit up the screen. Suspecting a more widespread […]

  • How The Next, Hot Billion-Dollar Tech Business Will Take Shape

    next billion-dollar tech business By Lauren DeLisa Coleman, 4:05 pm

    The number of businesses owned by African American women increased 322 percent since 1997, according to a study commissioned by American Express Open. This is echoed by the National Women’s Business Council, which bases its data on that of the most recent U.S. Census information. Such statistics now firmly place black females in the category of the fastest […]

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