Cherae Robinson Talks Revenue And Investment In An Africa Travel App

Cherae Robinson Talks Revenue And Investment In An Africa Travel App

US travel entrepreneur Cherae Robinson is a charismatic person and through her mobile app Tastemakers Africa she’s changing the way American tourists visiting Africa see the continent.

In her first interview with AFKInsider, Robinson gave tips on how using her company’s services one can travel Africa like a jetsetter but on a budget that won’t break your bank account. She offer travelers experiences that go beyond the usual safaris and getting a tan on the sunshine along white sandy beaches of Africa.

“Tastemakers Africa is a mobile app and content destination for booking hip experiences in African cities. We work directly with merchants. So we carefully carry hip African experience. That means restaurants, that means boutiques, that means bars, night clubs, bungee jumping, you name it, we find the best of the best,” she told AFKInsider.

Robinson, who was named one of 10 Emerging Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in Africa by Forbes magazine, said the company makes most of its revenue through commissions on booking made through their website and app, and it also organizes special packages build around “selected influencers” and key events happening across African cities.

“Working directly with the merchants it allows an opportunity to take a commission on anything booked in the app. So we take a percentage commission off all booking in the app and that  our primary revenue stream,” she said.

“Supporting that we do tastemaker source where we try 10 selected influencers who bring to one of our Tastemakers cities and give them an insider experience. We collect money either from sponsorship, from direct payment to Tastemakers from people going on the trip or working with tourism board themselves.”