How to Africa: Cherae Robinson Talks Traveling Africa Like A Jetsetter

Written by Liz Burr

Stay woke!

You’ve probably heard that all over the Twitter net but what does it really mean?

It means if you want to travel Africa like a jetsetter but expensive flights are holding you back, stay up late and you might find that $400 fare to Zanzibar or that $130 round trip fare to Kenya.

U.S. travel entrepreneur Cherae Robinson sat down to talk with AFKInsider and offered this and other tips on traveling Africa like a jetsetter.

Robinson is smashing  stereotypes about African travel, offering travelers experiences that go beyond safaris and the tired old African travel itineraries.

Her TastemakersAfrica tours span local traditions and global ambitions — art strolls, indie music haunts, eco friendly retreats and hidden spas. You can test her Tastemakers app at her website.

Forbes named Robinson one of 10 Emerging Women Entrepreneurs To Watch In Africa. Her efforts also gained her recognition from the U.N. Foundation, which named one of 10 Women to Watch for her work expanding tourism to Africa and working to change outsider perceptions of what makes Africa tick.

Check out these tips from Robinson on how to travel Africa like a jetsetter.

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