Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Goes To School In South Africa

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Goes To School In South Africa

From AllAfrica.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is being used successfully to provide standby power in some schools in the Eastern Cape.

The power generated by the fuel cells is used to support basic energy requirements such as charging stations for tablets, fax machines and computers.

Fuel cells generate electrical power quietly and efficiently, without pollution, according to HowStuffWorks.com. Unlike power sources that use fossil fuels, the by-products from an operating fuel cell are heat and water.

The use of hydrogen fuel cell technology is part of a pilot project in three schools led by South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology in partnership with the private sector.

Anglo American Platinum sponsored three platinum-based fuel cell systems, including installation, ongoing maintenance and operations. Air Products is supplying the hydrogen fuel requirements, while Clean Energy Investments (a South African company co-owned by the government and Anglo American Platinum) commissioned the fuel cells to bring standby power to the schools.

Air Products conducted feasibility assessments and erected hydrogen storage facilities according to international standards to supply the fuel cells at the three schools. All the fuel cell power systems have been operating since September 2014.

…Gavin Coetzer, the CEO of Clean Energy Investments, said, “As technology is incorporated into the education environment, power stability at schools is essential. Fuel cell standby power solutions are efficient, reliable, safe and, most importantly, quiet, ensuring a non-intrusive standby and – potentially – primary power solution.”

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