Opinion: How Apple’s New Music-Streaming Service Will Affect African Consumers

Written by Staff

From HowWeMadeItInAfrica. Story by Tom Jackson.

Apple launched its own music streaming service this week, confirming what has been one of the worst kept secrets in global technology since it acquired audio products firm Beats last year.

The company that introduced the idea of portable digital music for the mass market in the first place is taking the challenge to Spotify’s door with a subscription-only streaming service, and a 24-hour online radio station.

How does it affect African consumers? Well, to be honest, it probably doesn’t. Spotify doesn’t have a presence in Africa, and even Apple is relatively small. Launching in places such as Kenya and Nigeria would require serious manpower to be put into making sure a large number of African artists were available on the platform. Though Apple seems to be quietly building up its African presence, there are no strong signs yet it is going to become a focus.

When Apple Music finally lands in Africa, it will enter an already overcrowded music streaming space. iROKING, Simfy, Mdundo, Spinlet and MyMusic.com.ng are just five of the equivalents active on the continent, established with their users and with a greater focus on African content. Apple will find this one a hard nut to crack if that is what it intends to do.

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