14 Of The Worst-Paying Jobs In South Africa

Written by Dana Sanchez

No matter what it is you do, if you apply yourself for success, you will reach success.

Believe it or not, someone actually got rich telling the rest of the world that, whether it’s true or not.

Thomas Stanley is the author of the bestseller, “The Millionaire Next Door,” and made himself a fortune pointing out that the rich are often in mundane businesses and usually aren’t the guys walking around in suits or at country clubs, according to a report in FreeMoneyFinance. They are scrap-metal dealers and dry cleaners and septic tank business owners, he said. They read trade journals such as “Poultry Times” and “Water and Irrigation.” And all of them had to learn their jobs somewhere.

You won’t get rich working the jobs listed below — in fact they are guaranteed to keep you poor if it’s your only source of income. It’s what you do with what you learn on these jobs that could turn you into the millionaire next door.

AFKInsider took a look at some of the best-paying jobs in South Africa, and now we’re looking at the other end of the spectrum — some of the worst-paying jobs in the country. These are jobs that apparently can pay paltry salaries because there are more people willing to do them than there are jobs.

Turns out there are a lot of people doing well and getting rich running businesses large and small that others consider mundane, boring, beneath them or downright disgusting, Stanley said.

Successful professionals out there are successful because they are the best at what they do, but a university education in South Africa is no guarantee that you’ll find a job or make a living doing anything close to what you thought you wanted to do when you grew up.

Here are some jobs you wont see on any critical skills lists. Salary Explorer ranked 897 jobs in South Africa for average annual and monthly salaries. These ones ranked dead last: 12 of the worst-paying jobs in South Africa.

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