Nigerians Have Been Slow To Adopt Mobile Payments

Written by Dana Sanchez

Nigerians have been slow to adopt mobile payments and the government should work with service providers to launch a massive awareness campaign, a stakeholder said, according to a report in TheGuardianNigeria.

Mobile payments help foster financial inclusion, facilitate economic activities and deliver on jobs and economic growth, said Onajite Regha, CEO of the Electronic Payment Providers Association of Nigeria.

Regha spoke at the Mobile Money Africa International conference on the topic of awareness creation as a strategic approach for the adoption of mobile payments in Nigeria.

Slow to adopt mobile payments

Despite ongoing efforts by Nigerian service providers, banks and mobile network operators to promote and offer mobile payment options, there’s been a lack of widespread customer acceptance and adoption, Regha said.

Each of these players approaches the market with different expectations, Regha said. She said awareness was key to the success of mobile payments in Nigeria.

No matter how great the mobile technologies and solutions are, they are useless if the users are not aware of the benefits to their lives, Regha said.