Kenyan Fashion Blogger Turns Passion Into Successful Business

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Turns Passion Into Successful Business

Social media and blogging in many parts of Africa is just a pass-time activity, many young people engage in when they can access internet, to keep in touch or catch up on latest trends.

For many on the continent the cost of accessing internet is too high, so spending time online building content on a blog is just a preserve of a few.

African companies also don’t see advertising on the internet as good for business and only a few place their banners on social media sites like Facebook and and top local media sites. This explains why physical newspaper firms still rake in million every year in Africa, while the same kind of business is dying slowly in developed countries.

Kenyan journalist and fashion blogger, Shawn Osimbo, has however managed break away from this norm and turned her passion for fashion into a business that attracts advertisers to her blog.

Osimbo, who runs a blog under her name, told CCTV Africa companies in the fashion and cosmetic sector have been knocking on her door to place their adverts in some her content posted online and also do reviews on their products.

“There are guys who have make products, for example makeup artists, they would approach me and give me their product to market for them,” she said. “I would also make a review of the product.”