South Sudan Prepares to Tackle Desertification, Revitilize Community Farming

South Sudan Prepares to Tackle Desertification, Revitilize Community Farming

“The Ministry of Environment and Agriculture together with Water and Forestry has been working particularly hard to help our communities and farmers to cope with the challenges posed by climatic variability and the harsh environment of this country,”Alfred Lado Gore, South Sudan minister of environment said in a Sudan Tribune report.

Speaking at a World Day celebration Tuesday June 25, Gore tackled environmental issues and solutions related to unfavorable climate conditions, droughts and land degradation such as desertification — or the formation of desert like conditions due to human disturbance and climate shifts.

According to the Sudan Tribune, The National Action Programme, which is currently under development will follow an outline set at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. The initiative will also model the similar Country Pilot Partner Programme (CPP). Sustaining land, practicing conservative farming and ramping up community-based participation and improvement of agriculture techniques are all focus areas of the National Action Programme.

The project will require more that six million South Sudan pounds, or about $1.3 million to hit the targeted goals. Through the National Action Programme, community members are also encouraged to establish businesses that utilize a wider variety of natural resources — a measure that will help avoid a repeated and devastating livestock loss, according to the Sudan Tribune.

“I reassure you that the Ministry of Environment and partner ministries in close and full co-operation with our partners and communities are committed to finding lasting solutions to this complex challenge,” Gore continued. “The long-term sustainable management of our lands will be the key to process and we look forward to implementing new solutions that will emanate from collective efforts.”

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The Sudan Tribune reported that South Sudan’s government is aware of the hardships and agricultural setbacks that desertification have caused. In addition to climate, cattle overgrazing  — another issue to be corrected through the National Action Programme — is also a factor contributing to desertification

Still, Gore has great confidence that the planned program will be successful.

“We are convinced that this must be the way forward for us to protect ourselves from the scourge of desertification, land degradation and drought,” he said.