South African Toddler DJ Has 25K Facebook Fans, Sponsorship Deals

South African Toddler DJ Has 25K Facebook Fans, Sponsorship Deals

Oratilwe Hlongwane, 2, also known as DJ AJ to his fans, plays with a music system at his home in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

The child’s father, Glen Hlongwane, is a gymnastics coach and aspiring DJ who wanted to download educational apps to speed up his child’s education. Dad also downloaded a disc jockey app for himself.

The result: a child phenomenon who can’t fully speak yet but can select and play music from a laptop and has become a viral phenomenon on South Africa’s social media, BusinessInsider reports.

By about 1 year old, DJ AJ was bored with his number recognition games and began to play with his father’s DJ app.

“Whatever he was doing with the mixer, turning the knobs, the timing of him doing what he was doing was like so good and he knew where the effect button was and he was fading in and fading out,” his father told CCTV Africa.

Still in diapers, the child repeated what he had learned on the app on real DJ equipment, playing with sound effects, switching between songs. A cellphone video of him playing went viral and now DJ AJ has nearly 25,000 Facebook fans.

His newfound fame has brought special appearances and sponsorship deals many older DJs dream of, BusinessInsider reports.

You can watch DK AJ here.