Woolworths S.A. Gets “Happy” Singer Pharrell Williams As Style Director

Woolworths S.A. Gets “Happy” Singer Pharrell Williams As Style Director


Woolworths South Africa, a food and clothing retailer, announced that it will partner with American global sensation writer, producer and singer Pharrell Williams — well known for his 2014 hit song “Happy” — as its style director to bring awareness on sustainable agriculture, education and fashion.

The Campaign dubbed “Are you with us?” is primarily centered on environmental and educational activism and will take place in September.

“We’re on a mission to change the world,” Pharrell said in a promotional video posted on YouTube.

“We want to bring together everyone who cares about making a difference. Like Woolworths. They are a global blueprint for how good businesses should do good business,” he added.

Ian Moir, chief executive officer of Woolworths Holdings, Ltd., said at a press briefing in Johannesburg that he hoped “Pharrell will help … make sustainability cool for the next generation of South Africans.”

A twitter message posted by the pop singer announcing his partnership with Woolworths went viral on Thursday as South Africans got excited that Pharrell could throw in a show while in their country in just four month.

” “Wait, wait, wait. Are you going to do a show too? Because that would be everything,” wrote @LaurenH_ZA in response to Pharrell’s announcement.

Pharrell will hold a concert while in South Africa that will only be open to members of Woolworths’ in-house customer loyalty program, WRewards.