Mauritius Quickly Becoming Africa’s Top Financial Services Hub

Written by Kevin Mwanza

Africa has seen an increased in foreign investments on the continent over the last few years. These new investors are however looking for offshore financial centers that will enable them sign deal without incurring a lot on tax bills and duplication of roles.

And there is where Mauritius, a tinny tourist country in the middle of the Indian Ocean, come in handy. It location and favorable financial laws has made it a favorite for companies seeking to protect their investment on the continent.

The island nation boasts one of Africa’s largest offshore financial centers.

According to the Financial Times, the country, which accounted for 40 percent of all foreign direct investment flows into India between 2003-2013 thanks to a favorable tax deal with New Delhi, has at least 21 tax deals with African countries. It also has investor protection agreements with six African nations.